What is CBN & Where Can I Buy CBN Oil in South Africa

What is CBN & Where Can I Buy CBN Oil in South Africa


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s likely you’ll at least have heard of CBD oil and the ongoing studies suggesting how beneficial it can be to the average user. 

CBD is only one of over 100 cannabinoids that have been identified in cannabis, and the new up-and-coming contender on the cannabis oil front is CBN. 

But just what is CBN oil? How is it different from CBD? Is it even available in South Africa? It probably doesn’t sound familiar to you given that research is in its infancy, but you’ll find all you need to know in this article. 

What is CBN?

Whether you’re new to the cannabis oil scene or are a seasoned veteran, you might not have heard of CBN oil before. It’s the latest and greatest in cannabinoid compounds for users looking for something between CBD and THC. 

Unlike cannabidiol (CBD) which is readily available in the plant, cannabinol (CBN) forms when the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound breaks down. This occurs when the cannabis flower is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light or the air for too long. 

If we’re calling a spade a spade, though, it’s basically “old” cannabis. Because it’s related to THC, it is mildly psychoactive, but it doesn’t produce a high like THC does. It does appear to have a similar effect on the body’s endocannabinoid system – those sweet little receptors in our bodies that interact with cannabinoids. However, there are some distinct ways in which it differs from CBD. 


How are CBN and CBD Different?

In terms of production, they differ in that manufacturers can’t control the amount of CBN produced from a plant as it’s created by a breakdown of the existing THC. On the other hand, plants can be bred to have higher levels of CBD. There’s also no delay in waiting for the ageing process to produce CBD, making it more readily available. 

Their uses may also be similar, but not exactly the same. While CBD is often praised for its therapeutic use for anxiety and even depression, CBN doesn’t appear to aid in these areas of health concerns. Neither does it seem to have the properties that make CBD such a blessing to those who have epilepsy as there is no current evidence that it helps prevent seizures. 

There aren’t many studies or clinical trials on the pros and cons of CBN just yet as it’s such a new product, but the little that has been done so far suggests several benefits. The most popular of these reported benefits is an aid to sleep, so it’s often unsurprisingly marketed as such. 

The evidence for this claim is largely anecdotal as the only proper study was conducted in 1975 where five participants were given a combination of THC and CBN. It was found that the inclusion of the CBN promoted the overall sedative properties and they experienced stronger urges to sleep than when given THC alone. Many people who currently use CBN claim it’s a fantastic sleep aid, so further studies to prove so are possible. 


Some studies on rats suggest that there is potential to use CBN for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. Regarding pain relief, it was discovered that a combination of CBN and CBD was more effective than using either compound on its own. 

No research has been done on human subjects, though, so don’t throw away those pharmaceutical painkillers just yet.

Is CBN Oil for Sale in South Africa?

The short answer is yes, you can get CBN oil in South Africa. Because of its relative unfamiliarity in terms of studies and research, though, it isn’t widely available yet. Brands haven’t really embarked on the CBN boat, so to speak, so there isn’t that much to sell. 

However, a couple of top brands including Cibdol – the world-renowned and respected brand based in Switzerland – have made an effort to bring this product to their customers. Luckily for South Africans wanting to try this new addition to the cannabis oil family, their products are available from select stores. 


Where to Buy CBN Oil in South Africa

As previously mentioned, it is a new and exciting product across the globe. As interest is piqued and more studies roll out, more and more vendors are likely to stock some form of CBN for eager customers. 

The CBD Store

The CBD Store is one of the most comprehensive caterers for CBD buyers online, and you can now buy CBN oil from this supplier as well. They currently only stock CBN products from Cibdol, a high-quality brand name within the realm of cannabis oil suppliers. 

It is available in three forms so far and is usually paired with CBD oil. The first is a 2.5% CBN and 2.5% CBD oil combination with equal strengths of CBN and CBD. This is perfect for first-time users who want to experiment with a specific strength to see what dosage works best for them. 

If you’re a bit more daring (or if you’ve already tried the 2.5% strength and found it a little too weak for you), there’s a stronger 5% CBN and 2.5% CBD Oil option. 

The last form is a blend called Complete Sleep specifically aimed at those seeking a sleep aid. It’s a soothing cocktail of 5% CBN oil, CBD oil, lavender, and chamomile that claims to be a long-term solution to sleeplessness without any melatonin. So far, it’s our favourite product of the three. 

Top Selling Product: Complete Sleep


If you’re looking to try some CBN oil, buy some today and experience the benefits for yourself.

CBN Oil | Final Thoughts

Although the knowledge surrounding CBN and its effects is still in its infancy, as research expands and popularity increases, we can expect to see CBN make more of an appearance. 

The first-look outcomes seem promising, so it’s definitely worth a try. As always, when you want to try out a new cannabis oil for therapeutic or recreational reasons, start with a small dosage and work your way up.    

Interested in CBN oil but still unsure? Consider one of these top-rated CBD oils instead.

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