What is CBD Cream: A Beginners Guide to South African CBD

You may have heard a lot about CBD lately. This medicinal compound is taking the world by storm and is something worth learning about. As you may already know, CBD is one of the non-psychoactive compounds found in cannabis. This compound has a wide range of medicinal benefits and new products are regularly appearing on the market. 

Whether you are looking for CBD oils, CBD vapes, or CBD edibles, you will have no problem finding a wide range of options to choose from. Despite this, there is one product that often slips under the radar – CBD Creams. 

These products are going to be the focus of our article, as we explore what the best CBD creams are and where you can find them. 

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What are CBD Topicals / Creams / Ointments

Whether you call it a CBD ointment, topical, or cream, it all means the same thing – something you rub on your skin. CBD creams are a great way to apply the medicinal benefits of CBD directly to your skin. For people suffering from pain, arthritis, rashes, or other dermatological issues, CBD hemp creams can be of great benefit.

One of the great things about CBD creams is that they are usually filled with other natural ingredients. These products usually combine the medicinal properties of CBD with other natural ingredients to create a CBD cream suitable for a wide range of conditions. 

What can I use CBD Cream For?

For those looking for medicinal benefits, here are three of the main uses for CBD creams:

  1. CBD Cream for Pain

The number one reason people search for CBD creams is for pain management. Many people suffer from pain, whether it be from past injuries or current ones, and it can make everyday life far more difficult than it should be. 

Luckily, the best CBD cream for pain can help. These topicals help for specific areas of the body and are great for joint pain like knee, elbow, or back. For full-body aches and pains it is recommended to take an oral CBD supplement or to use CBD-infused bath salts. 

When looking for a CBD product that provides pain relief, you should consider one with more than 300mg of CBD per 100ml. Canna-chi’s Skin Food CBDHemp Lotion offers 312mg of Gold CBDOil per 60ml tub, which is plenty for pain relief. Other active ingredients include shea butter, grapefruit oil, and sweet orange essential oil.

  1. CBD Cream for Arthritis

Many people who suffer from arthritis find great relief from using CBD cream for arthritis pain and inflammation. Considering an estimated 350 million people worldwide suffer from arthritis, it is no wonder that many of them are interested in finding a reliable product.

Symptoms of arthritis include pain, inflammation, and swelling. CBD helps to both fight inflammation and reduce localized pain. Although the studies aren’t conclusive just yet, the current findings regarding the best CBD cream for arthritis pain are quite remarkable.

If you are looking for a CBD cream for arthritis, Plus Pain CBD Cream by Africanpure is a product that provides 1,000mg of CBD per 100ml. This is a high concentration of CBD, making it the perfect option for this condition. It comes from a reputable source and is made with a soothing scent of menthol.

  1. CBD Cream for Mild Skin Irritations

Whether you are suffering from a bug bite, scratches, or other skin abrasions, CBD pain relief cream can be your first choice. As previously mentioned, these topicals are great for localized pain and inflammations – two of the main problems when it comes to skin irritations. 

For mild irritations you won’t be needing a strong CBD product. Instead, a hemp cream for pain with between 100 – 300mg of CBD would suffice. 

A suitable product for this would be the Cannaco CBD Topical Salve from Faithful to Nature. Offering 200 mg of CBD per 100ml and other medicinal ingredients such as aloe and arnica, this topical should even provide relief for those with eczema and psoriasis. 

What CBD Cream should you choose?

After learning more about the different uses for CBD topicals and exploring some of the different products available on the market, you should have everything you need to find the perfect product for you. 

Just keep in mind that CBD topicals are mainly used for pain relief and a reduction in symptoms. They will not be able to fix the underlying cause of your condition. When suffering from serious pain or dermatological issues, it is always best to first consult your doctor. 

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