What is CBD | Types of CBD in South Africa, Uses & Benefits

The fascination around CBD and its therapeutic properties has gained rather noticeable traction over the years. Although mainly used for recreational reasons, marijuana has slowly paved its way into the medical industry. Researchers have shown a growing interest in how the body reacts and responds to the regular use of CBD.

This goes to show that the use of CBD has gained tremendous popularity as an alternative and holistic form of medication. The research conducted over the years on the benefits of CBD and what it offers in the pharmaceutical world has yielded outstanding results.

Over the years, there has been a wide range of CBD health products slowly introduced into the market. These products have garnered excellent reviews from their users and spiked a keen interest in pursuing the use of CBD for a variety of ailments.

In this article, we’ll be discussing more about what CBD is, its benefits and uses, and how to incorporate CBD into your daily lifestyle.

What Does CBD Mean?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is one of the main components found in marijuana. It’s the second-most-popular cannabinoid, after its counterpart, THC. THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol, is responsible for the euphoric and psychoactive effects commonly associated with marijuana.

On the other hand, CBD is responsible for the serotonin-induced feeling of being calm and relaxed. When used alone, CBD has proven itself as a significant entity to supplement the medical products we use today. This is because CBD effectively engages with the receptors of your body that regulate pain, appetite, mood, and sleep, among other things.

What Is CBD Used For?

The primary use of CBD is for its therapeutic properties to provide soothing benefits to a variety of ailments. Although research on these offerings is still ongoing, there is an impressive list of benefits so far.

Here is a list of a few problem areas that CBD has seemingly conquered so far:


Although the research on CBD use is fairly limited, there have been some strides in managing the symptoms associated with mental issues. The most prominent one being CBD for anxiety.

It’s been said that children and adults will likely face some form of tension in their formative years. This can come from the daily anxiety of worrying about everything and nothing in particular; to the more specific types of stress, including social anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Although the improvement is relatively small, researchers state that the prolonged use of CBD does make the symptoms of anxiety more manageable.

Drug Addiction and Withdrawal

Regular use of CBD combats the symptoms associated with drug withdrawal, such as anxiety, depression, nausea and insomnia. CBD has also been proven to help curb drug addictions such as tobacco, nicotine, and opioids. This is because of the calming effect it has on your mood, which lessens your desire to engage in drug use to gain these benefits.


Most cases of insomnia are related to anxiety disorders, which CBD aids with by inducing calm, drowsiness and sleepiness. The use of CBD for sleep acts as a mood relaxer that combats anxiety. This allows you to manage and neutralise those abrupt anxiety spells that are known to cause insomnia.

Chronic and Nerve Pain

The soothing properties found in cannabis oil also extend to chronic muscle and joint pain. It also helps with nerve pain such as glaucoma. Regular use of CBD for pain prompts your body to naturally induce relaxers that help manage pain sensations and increase serotonin levels to help you relax and improve your mood.


Many people have been using CBD for inflammation with great results. Whether applied topically or ingested, CBD works with the endocannabinoid system to reduce the effects associated with inflammation.

Different Types of CBD

CBD is available in various forms, each with its own benefits and dosages. As a beginner, experimenting with the use of CBD does become intimidating because of the uncertainty of which supplement works best for you.

Here’s a list of the CBD medical products you’re bound to find on the market and how you can make them work for you.


CBD capsules are one of the most effective ways to regulate your CBD intake because they come in prepacked dosages. One of the main concerns with using CBD is always how much to take and in how many intervals.

With the use of capsules, it’s already taken care of, and all you need to worry about is finding the right brand for you. Capsules are easily absorbed into the bloodstream and usually take about 30 – 45 minutes before you start feeling their effects.


Edibles are considered the safest way to consume CBD oil for humans who are still unsure about using CBD. This is because they offer the lowest absorption rate of CBD intake, which is about 20% to 30%.

Edibles are also a sweet treat that happens to provide you with multiple benefits beyond the simple pleasures of indulgence. Edibles are available in CBD gummies, chocolate, cookies, brownies, cocktails, and coffee drinks.

Edibles usually take about two hours to fully make their way into your bloodstream, mainly because of them having to pass through your digestive tract. This may be inconvenient if you’re looking for a more fast-acting solution.


Tinctures are blends of CBD properties infused with a carrier oil to make a concentrate. They are a popular option on the market because of their fast-acting effects and ease of use. Tinctures are available in either an oil or spray to be taken orally and placed under your tongue.

Tinctures allow you to properly experiment with CBD dosages and determine what dosage you’re comfortable with. They are also a recommended option for beginners because of this.

Tinctures usually take about 20 minutes to come into full effect and offer the highest absorption rate.


Topicals consist of rubs, balms, and creams applied directly to your skin. They’re mainly used for chronic muscle pain, inflammation, and skin conditions like acne and eczema.

Topicals are pretty effective and work in as little as 15 – 20 minutes, depending on how generously they’re applied onto the problem areas.

Vape Concentrate

Smoking and vaping are the most fast-effective ways to absorb CBD into your bloodstream. Vape concentrate can either be taken orally or smoked through a vape pen.

This option is the most fast-effective method of absorbing CBD for humans. You’re likely to feel the effects within 10 minutes at most. This option is only suitable for avid smokers as vaping is considered a health hazard and isn’t recommended by health care practitioners.

How To Use CBD

How you integrate CBD into your daily routine depends on the type of supplement you’re likely to use. There is no one shoe fits all when it comes to how to use CBD and the dosages you take, so a little experimentation is encouraged.

As we’ve mentioned before, capsules are the most efficient way to regulate your dosage because the instructions come with the label. However, the same can’t be said if you’re opting to vape or have some edibles.

There’s a series of trial and error that you’ll have to undergo when trying to find the proper dosage levels for you. No two people are the same, and what might be potent for you could only be mild for another.

Another factor to consider is how long it takes for your preferred CBD to absorb into your system. If you’re using CBD for ailments such as anxiety and insomnia, you’ll typically want something fast-effective, like a tincture. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for but are keen on experimenting with CBD, then edibles and topicals could work for you.

Side Effects of CBD: What Does CBD Oil Do To You?

As with the use of other traditional forms of medicine, the use of CBD does come with some side effects. Although minimal and non-evasive, it’s still essential to know what common side effects are associated with CBD.

These common side effects include:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in weight
  • Drowsiness or sleepiness
  • Diarrhoea
  • Dry mouth

Final Thoughts: What is CBD Oil?

Integrating CBD into your daily lifestyle is an exciting endeavour because it allows you to experiment with a variety of different products. You can’t go wrong with a simple balm or edible to get you going during your busy schedule. One thing to keep in mind is that adequate research is an essential component of the successful use of CBD.

There’s no harm in speaking to your medical practitioner for more info on CBD oil and its uses. This also helps you determine where you’d like to begin and what products work for you. Another vital question to research is what drugs should not be taken with CBD, especially if you’re already on some form of chronic medication.

Other than that, the CBD bandwagon has proven itself quite favourable, and we’re excited to find out more about the changing developments of the famous cannabinoid.

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