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Trophy Seeds has opened the proverbial floodgates on cannabis seed strains from Cape Town to the edges of Limpopo. You can find and order your favourites like Northern Lights, Durban Poison, or the infamous OG Kush online. With so much to choose from, it may be difficult to know which ones you’d like to try.

There are so many benefits of dagga, and each strain has its strengths. It’s no wonder so many cannabis enthusiasts have taken to growing their own. The most important decision to make is which seeds you’d like to grow.

With this list, you can easily determine your favourite strain through flavour and effects or yield and growing conditions. Whatever aspect it is that you’re thinking of, you can find the seeds at this delightful cannabis seed bank in South Africa.

Cannabis Seeds South Africa

Since the legalization of weed (read this article), and the increase of interest from consumers, it has become a lot easier to buy cannabis seeds in South Africa. Regardless of your intentions, you’re now able to retrieve anything you desire, from CBD seeds to the best THC weed seeds South Africa has to offer.

These are just some of the cannabis seeds for sale.

Cannabis Seedling

Critical Cape Cheese Auto Review

Flowering time: 70 Days

Yield: 280 – 330gr/m2

THC: 21%

CBD: 3%

This seed is an exceptional quality indica strain bred by Green Smoke Room South Africa. With this seed, you can expect the delicious cheese weed flavours of tart, citrus, and of course, cheese. If you’ve had a long day, this strain is a great help to relieve the day’s stress with its relaxing body high.

Critical Cape Cheese seeds for sale in South Africa are easy to grow and can reward you with tall and vigorous marijuana plants. They do considerably well indoors and outdoors, provided you’re mimicking dry climates or if you’re growing in a greenhouse.

These feminized seeds are comprised of Super F1 Cheese and crossbred with Cape Town Critical Cheese. After 70 days, you can expect these auto-flowering seeds to provide you with wonderful blooms and that infamous pungent cheese scent.

CBD Kush Seeds Review

Flowering time: 63 Days

Yield: 240 – 280 gr/m2

THC: 8%

CBD: 8%

This strain of CBD Kush is a win-win for all marijuana lovers and medicinal marijuana users. The plant produces an average ratio of 1:1 in THC to CBD content. The seeds were bred by Dutch Passion by crossing a high THC Kandy Kush and high CBD strain, which guarantees you a beautiful Indica-sativa-looking hybrid.

If you’re looking to buy weed seeds in South Africa, these seeds are great for indoor and greenhouse growing. If you find yourself in warmer climates, this seed can also be cultivated outdoors. As long as you’re growing these feminized seeds in a place with lots of light and warmth, you can expect these photoperiodic flowering seeds to produce buds after 63 days.

After smoking this strain, you’ll feel a pleasurable and manageable high. This is brought on by the mix of THC and CBD. If you’re growing indoors, you won’t need too much space as the plant only reaches a height of 100cm. Although, you’ll want to ensure that you’ve got enough airflow in order to avoid any mildew or bud rot.

Dark weed plant

Dark Phoenix Feminized Seeds Review

Flowering time: 56 – 70 Days

Yield: 350 – 500gr/m2

THC: 20-25%

CBD: 0%

This unique-looking Dark Phoenix Seed is a beautiful addition to any collection. With positive effects like enhanced creativity, balance, relaxation, and upliftment. These feminized seeds in South Africa will flourish in almost any condition.

They can develop into a medium/tall plant and will reward you with a higher yield in warmer climates. You can grow this strain indoors, outdoors, or in a greenhouse. The Dark Phoenix variety is genetically composed of ‘train wreck’ and ‘Jack Herer’ strains, this mix serves earthy flavours with a dash of haze, lemon, and pine.

Bred by the Greenhouse Seed Co., this photoperiod feminized seed is suitable for anyone looking for a pick-me-up while still needing to maintain functionality. In 56 – 70 days, you can begin harvesting and enjoy the blissful feeling of this predominantly sativa flower.

Bubba Kush Auto Seeds Review

Flowering time: 65 – 70 Days

Yield: 30 – 90gr/m2 (indoors), 110gr/m2 (outdoors)

THC: 17-21%

CBD: 0.30%

These seeds are an easy-to-grow strain produced by Humboldt seeds. South Africans will particularly enjoy growing this as it does well in all climates with managed humidity. To ensure the best growth, you’ll have to allow for good airflow. This strain is easily grown in any condition but will reward you with a higher yield if grown outdoors.

These auto-flowering marijuana seeds in South Africa are popular with growers who aim to produce flowers with high THC levels. Cannabis may help you relieve medical conditions like anorexia, insomnia, and pain. With a long-lasting body high, you can expect powerful relaxation coupled with delicious earthy, fruity flavour notes.

This mostly Indica variety was created through a combination of Bubba Pre 98 and Cannabis ruderalis genetics. This is where the Bubba Kush Auto seeds have inherited their fruity aroma and intense flavours.

Hawaii Maui Waui Seeds Review

Flowering time: 63 – 77 Days

Yield: 350 – 450gr/m2 (indoors), 1000gr/m2 (outdoors)

THC: 13-19%

CBD: 0.9%

From Nirvana seeds to South Africa, these seeds are a true international delight. The Hawaii Maui Waui has a long-established reputation for being a high-rated weed strain. If you’re a lover of old-school weed, these are some of the best options for cannabis seeds in South Africa.

You can expect a tall and lanky plant that reflects the Sativa description. The strain is easily grown indoors or outdoors, provided you can mimic a warm Mediterranean climate. This means lots of sun, warmth, and good air circulation.

While the THC and CBD are at medium levels, you can enjoy the smoke of this strain with citrus and tropical flavours and a happy, euphoric effect. So, this strain is particularly popular with users who suffer from depression, pain, and stress.

Dagga leaf at sunset

Cannabis Seeds For Sale South Africa

Whether you’re looking for the best weed seeds Cape Town has to offer or the very best Durban Poison, you can find them here.

Trophy Seeds has some of the best varieties out there at affordable prices. Get your hands on your favourite strain and immerse yourself in the growing culture. If you’re looking to make CBD isolate or THC oil in South Africa, read our guides to learn a bit more.

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