THC Oil in South Africa | Is THC Legal in SA & What Are the Effects?

Marijuana, to a certain extent, is legal in South Africa, but what are the regulations surrounding it? The cannabis industry is growing, and the laws and regulations are still developing, creating confusion and questions. The more popular cannabis compound, Cannabinoid (CBD), is gaining traction in the medical field because of its healing properties, and THC is short on its tracks.

Much like CBD, THC also provides healing properties and increases dopamine and serotonin levels in its users. There is an overwhelming amount of information on the internet about different forms of THC and ways of consuming cannabis oil.

Staying informed on which form of THC to use for your needs and wants is important as it can drastically change your experiences and side effects.

Rest assured, we’ve compiled everything we know about THC and THC oil in South Africa in this post.

What You Need to Know About THC Oil

One of the many compounds of cannabis is THC which is the most intoxicating compound. This compound is extracted from the plant and mixed with an oil or fat to make THC oil.

Like CBD, THC can be used to heal physical or mental ailments but has the opposite effect of the calming marijuana oil. Unlike CBD, it is psychoactive which releases dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine which gives a ‘high’ or euphoric feeling. This makes THC a good alternative for people seeking the effects of smoking marijuana and the boost of ‘feel good’ chemicals in a more discreet manner.

Is THC Legal?

In short, yes in its raw plant form THC is legal for personal use if in private according to the findings of the Constitutional Court of South Africa.

The Constitutional Court only rules cannabis legal if an adult possesses, cultivates or uses it for their personal consumption. Any uses not for those purposes are considered an offence under the Drugs Act.

In 2021, the sale of THC is still illegal in South Africa. The legal limit of THC a product can have in South Africa at the moment is 0.001%, whereas in some states in the United States it is 3%. The only way currently to buy THC products is through a prescription from an authorised prescriber for therapeutic and personal use.

If you are interested in growing your own cannabis for personal use, have a look here at how to do that.

Can You Make THC Oil at Home?

Yes, THC can be made at home with varying degrees of success. The simplest way to make THC oil at home is by using household items like a few pots and a stove for the extraction process.

It is best to do some research before throwing some marijuana in a pot and starting the extraction. It is important to keep a few factors in mind when making THC oil at home like:

  • Which strain of weed you will be using
  • Which benefits the strain offers
  • How much THC does the strain have
  • Do you have enough weed for the extraction process?

We have a recipe here if you’d like to make your own cannabis oil at home.

Note: Be cautious when using it the first few times if you’re unsure of the dosages.

cbd tincture bottle with cbd dropper


There is no debate around which compound is better than the other, instead, we should look at which compound will give you the effects you want. CBD is non-psychoactive and a relaxant that aids with psychosis or mental disorders, inflammation, pain and seizures. CBD is best for medicating your pets or children with these problems.

There simply are not enough studies done with THC to justify the use on children and pets. The side effects of THC are fatigue, diarrhoea, dizziness, weight loss and appetite changes which could be dangerous for pets or children.

THC is often linked to helping patients with cancer. Patients start with low doses of THC so the body can get used to it and gradually up the dosage. We have talked in the past about how Rick Simpson’s oil, Phoenix Tears, has helped cancer patients. There is still limited research available because cannabis is still prohibited in many countries, but the research completed so far looks promising.

Of course, THC isn’t only used for cancer patients it can be used for other ailments as well:

  • Pain and inflammation
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Low appetite
  • Muscle spasticity

man and woman vaping thc oil

THC Vape Oil

Many people prefer consuming THC through a vaporiser or vape pen. The most common cannabis oil to vape is CBD oil, but vaping THC oil is still possible.

Many users prefer vaporizing oils due to accessibility and customisation made possible by adding other flavoured vape oils. However, some THC oils were found to be mixed with Vitamin E Acetate in America which has caused chemical exposure and possible lung disease in users. Therefore, homemade THC oils may be the safer bet.


THC concentrates are a very potent way to consume cannabis. They are extracted usually through heat, alcohol or CO2. One form of THC concentrate, THC Wax, is extracted from the plant matter using butane.

THC wax is a very concentrated form and can contain the same amount of THC as 15-20 joints.

The high concentration of THC is beneficial to people suffering from chronic pain, anxiety and depression. This sticky substance can be consumed through vaping, dabbing or sprinkling some in a joint.

THC Edibles

Edibles are classified as any form of food product infused with marijuana. THC is fat-soluble which means it is easily dissolved in fats and oils. It can easily be made into oil over the stove using coconut oil or butter. It can also be added to baked goods, drinks and sweets.

Many places in South Africa are expanding their markets and including CBD edibles on their menus and product lists, perhaps in the future THC edibles could be next. For now, it’s best to make homemade THC edibles.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your needs and desired outcome, THC might be the right oil for you. THC is a very powerful oil with amazing benefits, but always be cautious when using high doses. It has shown great promise for ailments like cancer, but research is limited and still in its infancy.

There are quite a few ways to benefit from THC. Ultimately, the choice is up to you about what the best consumption method is for you.

If you’re looking for a dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine boost, then THC might be the right oil for you.

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