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As an indoor cannabis grower, it’s important to stay ahead of any changes in technology. If you look back to 5 years ago, the lighting industry was nowhere close to being as it is today. This is especially true when it comes to LED grow lights!

LEDs have been around for a while, but it is only recently that they have gained traction in the growing communities. Nowadays, these lights can keep up with any HID light on the market – and at a fraction of the running costs. With the help of these lights, you will be able to germinate and grow any cannabis seeds available.

Whether you’re upgrading your old grow lights or buying your first set of LEDs, we’ve put together a list of all the latest LED technologies to help you make the best decision.

Types of LED Grow Lights in South Africa

LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’. Compared to your average light, these diodes are very small – averaging between 3 – 10mm each. Although using only one of these lights might not do much, you can get very powerful lighting by combining many diodes.

Depending on how the LEDs are configured, you will find the following types of grow lights for sale in South Africa:

1. Chip-On-Board (COB) Grow Lights

COBs, as they are commonly known, are some of the original high-performance LEDs available in South Africa. A COB light is a small module of up to 9 or more LEDs together. The light produced looks like a single light source as opposed to individual LEDs. The result is a higher lumen output per area.

2. LED Strip Grow Lights

These lights are made up of many LEDs attached to a flexible strip. These LED strips come in a variety of colours and can be used to provide supplementary lighting to your grow. Unfortunately, these strips won’t provide enough light to grow a full-sized plant on its own.

3. Quantum Boards

If you’re looking for something to compete with an HPS grow light in South Africa, then quantum boards are a good place to start. These boards come pre-assembled with many high-quality LEDs attached to a heat sink.

The LEDs are connected to a driver that you can just plug into an electrical outlet before you’re ready to go. If you need help with your plants, you can always learn how to grow dagga before you begin.

4. Quantum Bars

Similar to quantum boards, quantum bars are multiple high-quality LEDs attached to a heatsink and driver. The only difference is the shape of the heatsink. The same number of LEDs that would fit on a quantum board are stretched over a longer heatsink. Although it reduces the intensity directly underneath the light, there is a better spread across your plants’ canopy.

Top 5 LED Grow Lights in South Africa

If you’re looking for the best grow lights in Cape Town or anywhere in South Africa, look no further. These are the top 5 LED options currently available.

1. Green Houston LED Quantum Board – 600w

This is an absolute beast of a quantum board. This 600w LED can easily replace a 1,000w HPS with 19% more light and 38% less power usage. Not only that, but these are some of the best full spectrum LED grow lights in South Africa.

They use well-balanced Samsung LM301H diodes as well as Cree supplementary lighting. There is enough red light to make this an excellent choice for both the vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth.

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2. Green Houston LED Quantum Board – 125w

This quantum board is made using the same Samsung LM301H and Cree XP-E2 diodes as the 600w option. This is a really good option for those with a small indoor setup looking for an easy lighting solution. In between the 125w and 600w options, you will also be able to find 240w, 320w, and 480w options. No matter your setup, there is a quantum board that will suit your needs.

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3. ModOne LED Grow Light South Africa – 100w

If you prefer COBs over quantum boards/bars, the ModOne lighting range is a viable option. The smallest option available is their 100w COB, which is equivalent to a 150w HPS. It is a powerful full-spectrum LED that offers ample lighting for smaller grow spaces. These COBs can be combined 2 or 4 times to provide 200w (ModTwo) or 400w (ModFour) grow lights, respectively.

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4. KingBrite Quantum Board – 240w

KingBrite is becoming a popular name for LED grow lights in Cape Town as well as the rest of the country. These quantum boards use Samsung LM301H diodes with Epistar supplementary lighting. The result is full spectrum LED lights in South Africa.

This is the 240w version, but they also come in a smaller 120w grow light. These growing lights come with a high-quality Meanwell driver and light dimmer.

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5. LED Linear Box Grow Light – 150w

The LED Linear Box is a great grow light for small setups, although you can easily put a few of them next to each other for larger areas. This LED grow light is 90cm long, which means it will be able to fit inside almost any grow tent on the market. If you don’t think the 150w bar is necessary, you can always opt for the smaller 65w version.

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Time to Light Up Your Grow

Buying lights is an exciting time for any indoor cannabis grower. Luckily there are plenty of high-quality LED grow lights for sale in South Africa for you to choose from. Once you’ve decided on your preferred LED, all you need to do is plug it in and start growing.

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