Koi CBD South Africa – What You Need to Know About the Trusted Brand

If you are looking for more information on the Koi CBD supplier, you have come to the right place! If you’re here to find CBD for your Koi fish, we don’t know what to tell you, bud. Koi supplies various CBD products bottled for your every need.

Pure and powerful CBD to help you live a healthy life is what Koi CBD South Africa promises you. The Koi brand focuses on making the CBD anti-inflammatory and anti-depressant benefits accessible to everyone.

The Koi brand for CBD is known for high-quality products that are safe, lab-tested and non-psychoactive. If you are trying to safely improve your health and lifestyle with the benefits of CBD, Koi CBD is a sure way to do that.

CBD Koi oil

What is Koi CBD?

Originally from the US, Koi CBD was founded in 2015 with the goal of making the healing benefits are given to everyday people. Thankfully, the Koi brand CBD has expanded to supply high-demand CBD products in South Africa.

This company is innovative and committed to supplying a premium range of CBD products. We can see this in their creative and diverse product list. Whether you’re a CBD industry noob or know your way around this market’s goods, keep reading to know more about a CBD brand that has helped millions across the world.

Koi CBD’s slogan is: PURE, POWERFUL CBD, TO HELP YOU LIVE A HAPPY HEALTHY LIFE. According to their stellar reviews, up-to-date and informative website and safety measures, their promise is definitely one to trust. Let’s do some more digging on this interesting brand.

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Koi CBD Products

Koi supplies an array of CBD goodies for every ailment you can imagine. Whether you have internal or external health issues, Koi CBD has committed to making CBD accessible and effective.

Their products include:

  • CBD Oil
  • Tinctures
  • Edibles
  • Pet CBD products
  • Capsules/Pills
  • CBD skincare products
  • Balms and creams
  • ‘Vaping tools

Wow, you are a hater if you are not impressed with this extensive list. You rarely find a company that has taken the time to research and create CBD products for every benefit that it can provide. From creams and oil to deal with outside wounds to CBD capsules and drops to help regulate your sleep, choosing Koi is a progressive decision.

Below is a list of some of their top products, and why we think each is worth checking out.

Koi CBD body oil

1. Koi CBD Oil

Koi CBD oil and tinctures come in a variety to supply different strength levels and formulas that target your health issues head-on. Koi natural oils have sublingual tinctures and work best when held under the tongue for effective absorption.

A healthy blend of CBD, CBG and CDBV provides fast relief from pain. This treatment is for oral use only. This product comes with the benefit of a dropper for precise dosage measurements.

Koi CBD Gummies

2. Koi CBD Gummies

Koi CBD Broad Spectrum Gummies are a tasty and vegan-friendly bite. With 0% THC, these gummies have the added feature of having 10mg of CBD carefully rolled into the gummies.

This delicious snack helps revitalise and restore energy, by making sure that you get 80% of broad-spectrum CBD and terpene profiles.

We suggest taking just one gummy for first-timers, so that you can note how it works for you. The Koi CBD gummies are a convenient snack for easy dosage, a safe fit into any wellness plan and convenient travel.

Koi CBD Vape pen

3. Koi Vape Pen and Juice

Vaping is a fast and flavorful way to enjoy your CBD. Koi CBD provides a variety of vape juice and tools for potent and long-lasting effects. Koi has infused vape juice with hemp extract that has naturally occurring CBD.

The Koi CBD disposable vape bar is a a way to enjoy vaping with a pocket device that does not need maintenance. Enjoy a hassle-free vape session with Koi’s vape bar for 200-300 puffs.

Non-psychoactive, this product barely has any THC and is compatible with any vape device. No extra mixing or wattage settings are needed. Try a healthier vaping option that comes in many delicious and natural flavours such as apple, raspberry, strawberry etc.

Koi CBD for Pets

4. Koi CBD for Pets

Koi CBD for pets is an exciting range of CBD products to help your fur-baby experience the wellness benefits of CBD. If your pet struggles with mobility or joint pain and needs some help feeling calmer, then these are the products for you.

Koi supplies CBD infused snacks and Pet CBD spray. These products to help boost their immunity and heal any typical issues. Made with high-quality ingredients, the Koi CBD pet range is safe and organic.

Koi CBD Body Balm

5. Koi CBD Body

Organic and soothing, Koi brings you a CDB Body range. Koi Naturals Hemp CBD balm and Koi CBD cooling gel roll-on are CBD topicals for pain relief. It targets the skin and joints and provides an almost instant relief from pain and inflammation because it is applied directly to the targeted area.

These CBD topical products have a great smell and are safe for different skin types. Hemp Balms and lotions are recommended for athletes, people who work on their feet all day and elderly people struggling with mobility issues.

Koi CBD Ingredients

Let’s find out more about what is inside these life boosting goods. Remember how Koi CBD committed to providing safety and purity? Here is what they assure us is in their products:

  • 0% THC
  • 99% pure cannabidiol
  • IOS Lab Certified
  • Natural flavours
  • No unnecessary colourants

Packaged in a variety of volumes to give you value for your money, and security.

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Final Thoughts on Koi CBD South Africa

One of the many benefits of CBD being legal in South Africa is how easy it is to find and buy CBD products. Be sure to check for the Koi CBD logo on your products to make sure you have the real deal.

You can find Koi CBD oil at Dischem and the like. Ordering online gives you access to exclusive discounts and the added benefit of delivery to anywhere in South Africa.

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