Indica Strains South Africa | Indoor vs Outdoor + Buying Products

Experienced Marijuana users will know that there are so many strains of weed to choose from. Strains that are indica dominated, sativa dominated or even a blend of the two.

Indica is a type of weed that has different psychological effects compared to sativa. Plants that have high indica levels are prone to have relaxing effects on the body and aids sleeplessness.

Due to the fact that indica plants are shorter and grow faster, it’s also a great option for growing marijuana.

Read below about different indica strains.

Types of Weed in South Africa: Indica

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Indica is a type of cannabis that is said to have qualities that have a relaxing effect on the body. Many people use indica as a form of medical marijuana because of its pain-relieving features.

Indica has a higher level of CBD and a lower level of THC. It’s counterpart, sativa, has a lower level of CBD and a higher level of THC.

Blue Cheese

No, we’re not talking about a salad dressing, we’re talking about the Indica strain called Blue Cheese. This strain is a fusion of Cheese and Blueberry strains.

The buds from the Blue Cheese plant are quite dense and the flavors are fruity and earthy.

Blue Cheese is perfect for when you need to uplift your mood. It gives a lovely boost of energy to the consumer and can leave you feeling happy and ready to socialize.

Northern Lights

One of the most popular strains of weed has to be Northern Lights. Its popularity might derive from it being almost completely indica. Buying the Northern Lights Seeds in South Africa is relatively easy and they grow quite easily.

It can be fast-acting and the effects are extremely efficient. Northern lights are used for stress relief and it’s commonly used at night to soothe some of the day’s strains.

The plant grows relatively fast and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance. The buds are rock hard and dense.

Moby Dick

Some strains are made to help users with sleep deprivation. When consumed, Moby dick relaxes the body and uplifts the mind first, causing sleepiness near the end of the high. This makes the strain perfect for middle-evening consumption.

Hints of cool citrus can be tasted when using this strain, leaving a refreshing and earthy aftertaste, which definitely enhances the relaxed feeling.

Bubba Kush

Get your favorite snack ready when using this strain. The effects are said to cause mass relaxation and will definitely cause you to feel sluggish and HUNGRY.

The strain is quite dense and the plant makes a stocky, light green bud when grown in warm temperatures, and turns into a purple-ish color when grown in colder temperatures.

Oh Zone

The interesting thing about this strain is that it has different effects according to when you take it and how you are already feeling. To soothe stressed feelings in the morning or to relax your body after a day’s tension, it will put you in the zone you want to be.

One specific effect it always has is the relief of little aches and pains in the body. Making your body feel relaxed and ready to take on any task it needs to.

The plant head is quite large and it has a musky and almost spicy flavor to it that leaves an earthy aftertaste.

Indoor vs Outdoor Weed

It’s pretty straight forward, the conditions in which you grow your weed influences the outcome of the quality and effects of the weed. There are, however, many factors that make up the differences between indoor and outdoor.

From the way, the plant looks to the flavors the weed produces, the quality of your caring for your plant is what will ultimately influence the quality of the weed.

Many growers have their own beliefs about which method is better and produces the best weed.


Weed plants grown indoors gives the grower a lot more control over the conditions in which the plant grows. They can adjust the level of moisture, light, and air they receive.

Indoor weed is commonly used to grow strains with higher THC levels as it has a lot more time and effort needed to create the wanted level of potency from the plant.

However, it is very possible to grow indica strains indoors. All you need is the correct seeds and to make sure that you know what the best weather conditions are for the plant. After that, just mimic those conditions to the best of your abilities and protect your plant from mold.


Growers will say that growing weed indoors is better because of the potency and the control it gives you. This can be a subjective view, however, because many would argue that the plants thrive more when placed in their natural environment.

Outdoor weed requires less maintenance and investment than indoor seeing as how the light, moisture, and air comes from… well, the outdoors.

Since this method is very low maintenance, it also is very cost-effective and environmentally friendly. It can also be very fun to test your green thumb and see how you can help a plant reach its highest, pun intended, potential.

Where to Buy South African Weed

So, now you know about the difference between indoor and outdoor and you know about the best weed strains in South Africa and you are ready to try some weed. Where do you even start?

Just do your research. There are plenty of websites that sell all kinds of products from weed pens to dry herb vaporizers. You can even search online to see if there are South African weed dispensaries close to you or in your city/town.

The distribution of weed and weed/cannabis products has become a lot more mainstream, catering to the needs of both fans of psychoactive effects, and people who aren’t fond of those effects.

All of these dispensaries and websites have legal permits to sell their products and they probably make sure their clients know about it.

Final thoughts on Indica Strains in South Africa

Indica is predominantly used by people who are new to trying weed and want to dip their toes into the waters of cannabis. The healing effects indica can have on one’s body is enough of a reason to give it a try. One of the best ways for new cannabis users to enjoy indica is by purchasing a local dry herb vaporizer.

There are different types of weed and tons of indica strains besides the ones mentioned above. Explore your options and do your research. Keep in mind why you want to try a specific strain and try to open yourself up to new experiences.

And if you’re not new to marijuana, try a new train and see what effect it has on your body. The possibilities are endless.

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