How to Grow Dagga in South Africa – For The Aspiring Gardener

The constitutional court in South Africa ruled that cannabis should be made legal to grow and smoke in the comfort of your own home back in September 2018. 

Since this turn of events, there have been many citizens wanting to cultivate their own cannabis. Weed has many nuances to it these days as research on the plant increases and we learn more.

An important thing to remember before deciding to grow weed is that purchasing high-quality seeds can really make a massive difference in the growth of your plants and their overall quality.

In this article, we’re going to look at the dagga plant, which is the slang term for cannabis in South Africa and the best way to grow weed.

The Different Types Of Dagga

Before jumping straight into how to grow the most amazing weed plants let’s first look at some of the main species of cannabis that can be found in the world today. The three main types of weed are sativa, indica and ruderalis.

Each of these is unique in their characteristics and effects on the human body as well as their own appearances. So without further ado let’s look at these types of cannabis and what to expect from each.


Appearance: tall and slim 

The sativa species of cannabis is known to be the more towering of the trio. These plants grow tall and slim with thin leaves growing out from the stems. It’s said that this particular strain gives more of a head rush when smoked and induces energized feelings.

Creativity and alertness are heightened after using sativa and feelings of euphoria and happiness are quite commonplace. Many people say that sativa is best for daytime use if you’re looking to stay productive, while still getting a little buzz going.


Appearance: short and stocky 

The indica species of cannabis grows closer to the ground. They tend to bush outwards with shorter and wider leaves growing from its stems. Indica is known to induce a body high when used and can create calm feelings, perfect for some relaxation or watching a movie.

Indica is known to also be a useful sleeping aid or appetite stimulator, allowing you to have a fantastic sleep or enjoy a great meal! Indica is perfect for winding down in the evening after a day at work or on the weekends. 


Appearance: rugged and stout

The ruderalis species of cannabis was only discovered a significant time after sativa and indica. These plants are native to Russia and Eastern Europe and are designed to grow exceptionally well in harsh, colder climates. 

Ruderalis has naturally low levels of THC, which is the psychoactive compound found within marijuana. However the species is incredibly attractive to cannabis cultivators and breeders looking to create new strains. The ruderalis species is incredibly versatile and many see it as a fantastic way to create new and exciting strains.

How To Grow Dagga 

Time to jump into the meat of the matter – how to begin growing cannabis. 

There are many ways and means when it comes to how to grow weed however put quite simply it’s called “weed” for a darn good reason. The main difference when it comes to growing is whether you want to grow indoors or outdoors. 

There is a significant difference in quality between the two types of growing, with indoor claiming the top prize. The reason that the quality is significantly different here is the growth factors you can control by growing indoors. The general health of the plant will be better as well in a sterile and clean environment.

The plants will usually be safer from bugs and mould while growing safely indoors allowing them to produce top-quality buds.

However, if space is an issue then outdoors works perfectly fine as well! A fresh supply of air and the right amount of sunlight is pivotal to the growth of your marijuana crop. Most plants need about 8 hours of solid light a day to grow well.

Growing Cannabis – The Plant Life Cycle

Growing marijuana starts most often at the planting of the seed. Over the course of 1 – 4 days a seedling will begin to sprout from the soil. As long as the seedling is kept under normal circumstances, not too much light and water or too little, it will grow quickly. 

Once the plants have entered the vegetative stage this is when they kick start the growth engines. Sativas will start to grow upwards becoming taller plants and indica will bush outwards becoming thicker. Ruderalis will remain relatively short and small throughout their lifespan.

After the seasons have changed and the cannabis plants are receiving the correct amount of light to signal flowering they will start to grow buds. Checking if you have male plants is also important during this stage of growth as they don’t produce any buds at all.

Where the smaller stems branch out of the main stem check to see if there are little white hairs known as pistils. If there are then you’re in luck with a female plant! However, if there are little green “balls” forming then you know that you have a male growing pollen sacs. In this case, you will probably need to pull it out and start again. 

Remember that by ensuring that you have quality dagga seeds can help you to grow better and higher quality marijuana much more easily.

Last Thoughts On Growing Dagga In South Africa

Growing weed in South Africa is super easy. The climate and geography of the country are almost perfect for cultivating cannabis and growing the perfect crops. Ensure that you keep the plants happy but don’t baby them too much as over nurturing can also damage their growth process. 

Slowly but surely marijuana and its benefits are being discovered, even our pets can make use of CBD oils and tinctures in the appropriate measures and circumstances.

Keep calm and grow on, your plants will do their own thing quite happily. Hopefully, with the information provided in this guide, you’ll be growing trees in absolutely no time at all. Until then, best of luck and we wish you the best in your endeavors.

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