Goodleaf CBD Products in South Africa: Products and Prices

With the growing emergence, legalization and popularity of CBD oil in South Africa, knowing where to get your dose of cannabis has never been so simple. But it can be tricky to know where and how, so we’ve made that easy for you.


There are products and new ventures popping up daily, making choosing the right thing even more daunting. We are here to help! Goodleaf is a reputable CBD store in South Africa. Offering products in physical stores around the country and an easy-to-use online shop.


We have done the research and stripped the products bud-naked to give you all the juicy insight and best rated-products by Goodleaf.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in South Africa?

Goodleaf has stores all over South Africa. You can find their CBD oil in Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg along with a wide variety of other CBD products. However, Goodleaf also offers its buyers a convenient online store that can be accessed from anywhere in South Africa with just a small delivery fee with orders under R500.

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Goodleaf: CBD Products in South Africa

Goodleaf is renowned for its variety of products, from skincare, vapes and oils and even including CBD infused water. Diving into the best products they have to offer, you will walk away from this post feeling confident about which CBD product to choose and use.


Using CBD skincare allows you to reap the rewards from antioxidants, resulting in anti-ageing benefits like diminishing wrinkles, brightening dull skin and rectifying ruddy skin tones. Goodleaf infused their broad-spectrum CBD skincare ranges with African botanicals. This gives added benefits of high concentrations of vitamin E and omega fatty acids.


CBD Glow Serum


Image by Goodleaf.


This product is renowned for its glowing and moisturizing results. It is also popular for the silky and non-greasy feeling formula as well as the plumpness your skin is blessed with after use. These benefits are thanks to the infusion of baobab and mongongo.


This serum is reasonably pricey so it’s not for everyone. But you’ll see a real difference in your skin. A complete range of skincare products is available on the website that you’ll find go very well with the glow serum.


  • 200mg of broad-spectrum CBD
  • 30ml


CBD Relief Roller


Image by Goodleaf


The Relief roller is Goodleaf’s go-to headache cure. Roll some of this bad boy on to get a cool, soothing relief from headaches, including tension and sinus headaches. The relief roller is made with CBD and Namibian Myrrh. Myrrh is an ancient resin used as medicine to treat pain. The combination of oils and scents gives this product and ‘opening’ effect and is a must-try!


  • 200mg of broad-spectrum CBD
  • 10ml

Cannabis Vapes

Vaping is a common and easy way to get your dose of CBD. Vapes work by heating oils up to high temperatures and turning it into vapour, which is then inhaled and taken into the bloodstream, therefore awakening the effects of the desired oil.


CBD Awaken Vape


Image by Goodleaf.


The Awaken Vape by Goodleaf is a great way to take in the vapour of coconut MCT oil and CBD oil. It provides the user with a breath of energy to awaken the body and mind. With the flavour of green apple and coconut, this will quickly become one of your tastiest ways to reap the benefits of CBD.


Users of this product are blown away by the improvement of their sleeping patterns as well as the clear calming effect it brings. The Vape pens also come in cinnamon flavour.


  • 250mg of CBD
  • 0,5ml serving


So, where to buy CBD oil? Goodleaf is one of the many places to get cannabis oil, but you can check out these other amazing places to buy CBD oil too. CBD oil is one of the fastest-acting ways to gain the benefits of CBD.


Oils can be mixed with food, beverages or even just put straight under the tongue. They’re safe for humans and pets, but before giving them to your pet, make sure you know all the dos and don’ts. But don’t worry, all of Goodleaf’s products are safe and THC free.


600mg CBD Oil Drops


Photo by Goodleaf


The CBD oil is probably the best product on the website to buy if you’re only buying one. The mix of home-grown hemp-derived CBD oil provides calming and de-stressing effects. More information is available on the lab report if you want to know more about the quality and grade of this CBD oil.


The oil is also available in packs of 1,2 or 3, giving you more for less with the more you purchase (and trust me you’ll be purchasing more after trying it). The oil also comes in a CBD isolate option.


  • 600mg hemp-derived CBD
  • 30ml


Final Thoughts on Goodleaf as a CBD Retailer

Goodleaf offers it all. From skincare, topical products, CBD oils for sale, beverages and even kits. Goodleaf makes sure all their CDB is certified and tested. If you have any questions for them, they have a helpline on their website as well as a place to learn about CBD or shop by symptoms you want to aid.


One of the best parts about Goodleaf, besides their variety of ranges, is that they deliver quickly and efficiently, making it easy for you to get your product without having to go to multiple stores.


If nothing tickles your fancy here, maybe it’s time to grow your own range of CBD products for you to use at home. Cannabis seeds can be found in multiple places around South Africa, in-store and online. Growing your own takes more time and a lot of research but the satisfaction is worth it.

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