Durban Poison Seeds | How To Grow This South African Strain [Updated]

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Looking for a new cannabis seed to grow is an exciting thing for any grower. If you’re considering what strain to buy next, why not consider a South African legend – Durban Poison?

This strain is known worldwide for its strong landrace genetics, relatively short flowering time, and sticky buds. What more could you ask for? 

If you’re interested in growing Durban Poison, you’ve come to the right place. We are going to explain everything you need to know about growing this internationally-acclaimed strain. Whether you’re growing indoors under artificial grow lights or outdoors under the African sun, this strain is bound to reward you with a great harvest. 

What is Durban Poison?

The Durban Poison strain produces the most well-known cannabis seeds in South Africa. It is a strain that originated in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal (KZN) – hence the name ‘Durban’ poison. 

What started out as a humble landrace strain, growing in the rural areas of KZN turned into an international hit that became a staple genetic in the USA, Amsterdam, and the UK. 

But just like any rags-to-riches story, Durban Poison weed wasn’t always the famous strain it is today. If you go back to the early 80s, this strain was nothing like it is today. Overly tall, long flowering times and airy buds are not things modern growers are looking for, but this was a different time. 

After ten years, they were able to convert these rugged weed seeds from South Africa into a  household favourite with a surprisingly short flowering time, solid bud structures, and more resin than anyone had ever seen before. A legend was born.


How to Grow Durban Poison 

Durban Poison marijuana seeds in South Africa are very easy to grow. This hardy strain is Sativa dominant and is suitable for indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor growers. Wherever you decide to pop these seeds, you should expect a large plant.

The most important thing to know about growing Durban Poison is the size. This is a 100% sativa strain that can grow very tall. Depending on the size of the pot you use, you will be able to get a very large plant. This does, however, mean that you will need to carefully plan your grow space. 

Many indoor growers have seen what it’s like to grow a 100% Sativa strain indoors. It can either produce a beautiful plant with dense resin-covered buds, or it can take over your entire tent with no space to grow in. Now that you know what you’re dealing with, hopefully, you experience the former. 

Top 5 Durban Poison Seeds in South Africa

Whether you want to buy Durban Poison weed seeds in Cape Town or any other part of the country, you will not be short of choices. These seeds either come as pure Durban Poison genetics or as Durban Poison hybrids. Instead of suffering through trial and error, we are going to look at the top 5 cannabis seeds for sale in South Africa. 

100% Pure Durban Poison Genetics

We’re going to start our list with two strains that offer 100% pure sativa Durban Poison. Thanks to the high THC cannabinoid profile, these strains offer energising cerebral highs and can be used throughout the day. 

1. Durban Poison from Marijuana SA

Flowering time: 8 – 9 weeks

Yield: 400 – 500g/m2

THC: 15 – 28%

CBD: 0.1 – 1%

This strain is perfect for any grower looking to get high yields and even higher THC percentages. The range varies quite a lot, from 15 – 28%, but if you know how to grow cannabis, you should have no problem reaching those upper limits. 

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2. Durban Poison from Nirvana Shop South Africa

Flowering time: 8 – 9 weeks

Yield: 400 – 500g/m2

THC: 15 – 20%

CBD: 0.1 – 1%

Nirvana Shop offers a pure Durban Poison strain bred by the legendary Nirvana Seed company. The yield is great, and with THC percentages of up to 20%, this is not a strain for the faint-hearted. 

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Hybrid Durban Poison Genetics

If you’d prefer not to grow a 100% Sativa strain, you can opt for one of these hybrid versions instead. 

3. Girl Scout Cookies by Marijuana SA

Flowering time: 9 weeks

Yield: 400 – 450g/m2

THC: Up to 20%

CBD: <1%

Looking to buy cannabis seeds in South Africa? Well, look no further than Girl Scout Cookies. This is by far the most famous Durban Poison hybrid available worldwide. It was bred in California by crossing Durban Poison with OG Kush – two strains of legendary status. The resulting strain hits harder than a truck, thanks to its 20% THC content. 

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4. Blueberry Poison by Marijuana SA

Flowering time: 8 weeks

Yield: 450 – 550g/m2

THC: 17 – 24%

CBD: Unknown

With a name like Blueberry Poison, it’s no wonder that this strain has a deliciously strong berry taste. It was bred by crossing Blueberry, OG Kush, and Durban Poison together. The result is an Indica-dominant hybrid that has very different effects from the original Durban Poison. This strain is not energizing and is a popular bedtime strain that will help you drift off to sleep. 

5. Juggling Cannon Balls by Trophy Seeds

Flowering time: 9 – 10 Weeks

Yield: 350 – 400 g/m2

THC: 20 – 22%

CBD: 0.2 – 0.4%

Juggling Cannon Balls is a South African bred genetic brought to you by Trophy Seeds. It is a cross of three popular strains, namely Black Domina, Amnesia, and Durban Poison. 

This strain is suitable for indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse growing and will provide high THC contents of between 20 – 22%. It is an indica/sativa hybrid that provides a psychedelic high that is not recommended for beginner smokers.

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Let’s Get Growing

Now that you know everything there is to know about Durban Poison, you are ready to buy weed seeds in South Africa. Whichever strain you decide to go for, make sure to match it to your preferences. Now get out there and start growing! 

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