Your Guide to the Best Dab Rigs South Africa 2021

With the global trend of countries legalizing and decriminalizing cannabis, it seems you can’t go a day without hearing about it. There are many spectacular benefits of cannabis, from medical miracles of managing epilepsy and seizures to the exciting recreational perks.

Similar in function to the more common dry-herb bongs, dab rigs are an effective way to try out some cannabis concentrates.

Dab Rigs Explained

Dab rigs are designed to vaporize cannabis extracts, which differs from burning, or combusting, dried plant matter. These rigs are similar in structure and appearance to your standard bong, with a few key differences. A bong has a bowl where dry herb is placed and a lighter is used to burn it and create smoke. A dab rig instead has a nail that consists of a heating plate that vaporizes the concentrate.

A solvent, such as CO2, is used to extract chemical compounds found in the plant. This process results in a sticky concentrated mixture of decarboxylated terpenes and cannabinoids. The final product goes by many names depending on the extraction method and resulting texture.

Our favorite dab concentrate is made from cheese weed. We highly recommend you try some with your new dab rig. Keep reading to discover some of our favourite dab rigs available in South Africa.

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Dab Rigs For Sale in South Africa

Finding the right dab rig in Cape Town, Joburg, Pretoria, or anywhere can be overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from. We’ve put together a list of the best variety of dab rigs to make your search easier than ever.

Electric Dab Rigs South Africa

Electric Dab rigs are the kings of dab. They are perfect for those who regularly enjoy cannabis concentrates. The best electric dab rigs are often more expensive. In return, you get ensured safety, suburb quality and a seamless, electrical dab experience. Let’s take a look at electric dab rigs for sale in South Africa

dr dabber evo electric dab rig

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

Not only is this dab rig electric, but it is also portable and perfect for dab lovers. It uses proprietary technology to deliver the ideal hit.

The rig’s core contains a magnetic quartz atomizer to ensure even temperature and increased control. It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that can get up to 60 uses after just 15 minutes of charging.

  • Compatible with: Concentrates
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dr dabber electric dab rig

Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

What makes this dab rig a potential game-changer is the fact that it uses new technology in the heating plate. You never need to replace the element or coil again. This rig is perfect for those who love using concentrates and dry herbs. It includes a water filtration system to ensure a clean vapor. It is cordless, making it great for a desktop kit and a travel companion.

When fully-charged, this dabber produces about  150 hits. It also allows you to use it while it’s charging. The continuous power ensures you’ll never be left dabless again.

  • Compatible with: Concentrates and dry herb
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Portable Dab Rigs South Africa

Everyone true dabber needs an affordable and unbreakable dab rig. These are great to stuff in a backpack on a hike or squish in small places a dab rig usually wouldn’t accommodate..

portable travelling dab rig

Silicone Travel Dab Rig

This dab rig is made almost entirely out of malleable silicone. The only breakable component is the glass nail. Which can be taken off and stored separately when travelling.

This rig is super affordable and comes with a quartz bucket, dabbing tool and built-in dab tub. When ordering this dab rig, you’re in for a surprise; the colors are sent at random, making the delivery all that more exciting.

  • Compatible with: Concentrates
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Glass Dab Rigs South Africa

Glass rigs are the most common out of the dab rig category. They are more affordable than electronic dab rigs, and still superior quality.  They also come in super cool variations, from Supermario and mushroom themed to a Starbucks mug. Since these aren’t electric, they require a traditional blowtorch to manually heat the nail. Check this out for more information on how to heat your dab manually.

orb glass dab rigs

Orb Dab Rig

This spacetastic dab rig has a built-in orb inside the water chamber, making it look like it has a floating planet inside. The glass is slightly thicker than normal, resulting in a silky-smooth dab experience.

The rig is handmade and includes a flipped diffuser, orb splash guard and three glass nails. We would recommend this rig to intermediate dabbers looking for a good-quality and unique rig.

  • Compatible with: Concentrates
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super mario bros glass dab rig

Glass Dab Rig Mario

If you’re a millennial, you’ll want this dab rig made after the Piranha plant in Super Mario Bros’.

The glass reaches 28cm tall and includes a banger. This piece is perfect for those looking for a statement rig to add to their collection.

  • Compatible with: Concentrates
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ice catcher glass dad rig

Ice Catcher Dab Bong

The Ice Catcher is the most affordable dab rig on the list. Offering an all in all dab experience with a cooling experience form the integrated ice catcher. The 30cm rig is made from high quality, laboratory-grade glass that ensures a smooth and seamless experience during every hit.

  • Compatible with: Concentrates
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startbud dabbucinno dab rig

Starbuds Dabuccino Dab Rig

This Instagram worthy dab rig is made to look like a Starbucks coffee cup. The Starbuds Dabuccino is perfect for you to wake and bake. Starbud in one hand, Starbucks in the other. Can you think of a better duo? This 17cm tall rig includes all components and just requires a dab tool and torch.

  • Compatible with: Concentrates
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dab rig starter pack

Dab Rig Starter Pack with Mushroom Dab Rig

The starter pack is our number 1 recommendation for dabbing beginners. It includes a trippy mushroom themed bong as well as everything else you need to start enjoying the dabbing experience.

Pack includes:

  • heating torch
  • glass dome
  • three glass nails
  • dab tool
  • non-stick concentrate containers to store your dab.

The bubbler is not overwhelmingly large, but it’s enough to pack a punch. It’s perfect for newbies. The High Co’s Glass is a scientific-grade borosilicate glass that provides a quality dab experience.

  • Compatible with: Concentrates
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Looking Back on the Best Dab Rigs South Africa

Whether you’re new to dabbing or a seasoned professional, you won’t regret purchasing your very own dab rig. From portable and glass rigs to fancy electronics, you can find the perfect machine to fit your lifestyle and dab needs.


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