Where to Buy CBD Oil in South Africa + the Top 10 Products

The various uses of CBD have taken the world by storm, escalating in popularity across the globe. In many places, strict laws about the medicinal and recreational use of the product have previously hindered its availability.

However, new laws have been passed in South Africa, and CBD oil is now legally available on the market.

In addition to helping with the likes of pain relief and anxiety, people are even able to buy CBD oil for their pets.

If you’re looking for pure CBD oil in South Africa, here are some of the most reputable products and stores for you to browse and buy.

woman putting cbd oil on skin

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Oil in South Africa?

If you’re still sceptical and uncertain of the South African laws around CBD, then let’s discuss those first. Cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive cannabis derivative, is legal, and South Africans regularly use CBD to treat anxiety and various ailments.

Essentially, CBD products are legal in South Africa, and although they’re non-addictive, they do have certain limitations. All products need to stipulate a maximum daily dose of 20 milligrams (or less), and no bold advertising can claim unproven health benefits.

As long as the product abides by these guidelines, then they are good to go.

With that out of the way, it’s time to answer the question on everyone’s lips: “Where can I buy CBD oil in South Africa, and which products should I choose?”

Top 10 CBD Oils for Sale in South Africa

We might as well get stuck into the best cannabis oils for sale first and foremost. Whether you’re looking to use CBD oil for pain relief or want to focus during a busy day, these products are sure to tick all the boxes.

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1. Cannabuddy 600mg Broad Spectrum CBD Sleep Oil

Cannabuddy Sleep CBD Oil

If you’re looking for a broad-spectrum product that utilises the cannabis plant for its sleep aid benefits, then this Cannabuddy CBD oil is ideal. Each bottle comes with 600mg of CBD oil, which, if you take the recommended 20mg dosage as per SAHPRA, will last you exactly a month.

Specifically extracting the cannabinoids myrcene and linalool, this oil is designed to aid with stress, sleep, and anxiety.

PS: They also provide the certificate of analysis, so you know you’re only getting the purest CBD on the market.

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2. Cannabuddy Premium Broad Spectrum CBD Oil (600mg)

Cannabuddy Premium CBD Oil

If you want a more varied broad-spectrum CBD oil based on its beneficial properties, consider Cannabuddy’s Premium CBD OIl. It has the same quantity of CBD as the brand’s other product, so what’s the difference?

This product utilises the entire cannabis plant, extracting a broad-spectrum CBD isolate as opposed to focusing on myrcene and linalool. The result? An oil that doesn’t just help your mood and sleep but can also assist with chronic pain.

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3. TOC Deep Sleep CBD + CBN Oil — Full-Spectrum (300mg)

TOC Sleep CBD Oil

With the option to choose between a 300mg and 600mg bottle, Taste of Cannabis’ Deep Sleep Oil is well worth considering. Combining CBD (cannabidiol) and CBN (cannabinol), this unique blend is fantastic for those struggling with insomnia and general sleeping issues.

This oil comes in a spray bottle, with each squirt providing 1.5mg or 3.6mg of CBD and CBN (depending on the bottle’s dosage). They recommend starting with six squirts under the tongue and waiting 30 minutes before increasing the dosage.

Next Read: If you don’t know already, consider reading our in-depth post on what CBN is.

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4. TOC Relax CBD Oil — Full-Spectrum

TOC Relax CBD Oil

The amazing thing about Taste of Cannabis is that they have specifically formulated unique CBD blends to aid with particular issues. So when their Relax CBD Oil joins the fold, you can start reaping the anxiety and stress-relieving rewards of this fantastic blend.

This blend pulls linalool, myrcene, a-pinene, and b-caryophyllene from the cannabis plant to create a truly relaxing effect. This is a fantastic, non-psychoactive CBD product that can assist your mood and general concentration throughout the day.

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5. TOC Pain CBD Oil — Full-Spectrum

TOC Pain CBD Oil

For a full-spectrum CBD oil that can help with chronic pain and mood stabilisation, consider Taste of Cannabis’ Pain CBD Oil. In a similar spray bottle as all of the other brand’s oils, this is an extremely easy and convenient way to get your daily dose of CBD.

Extracting the b-caryophyllene and full-spectrum CBD, you can get all the expected pain-relieving benefits. It also includes the anti-inflammatory curcumin (turmeric) and the digestive benefits of peppermint essential oil, making it a truly amazing product.

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6. Cannalicious Full Extract Cannabis Oil — Sleep Support

Cannalicious Sleep CBD Oil

Cannalicious is another brand offering specialised, each targeting a particular ailment. So it only makes sense to look at their Sleep Support Cannabis Oil, which uses a combination of a full extract and CBD isolate.

This lab-tested product also incorporates limonene (citrus) and geraniol (mainly found in citronella) to provide a soothing and sleep-assisting effect.

As a tincture, each pipette holds 1ml of liquid, which is the equivalent of 33mg of CBD. As such, it’s best to start with a quarter pipette and increase as needed.

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7. Cannalicious Full Extract Cannabis Oil — Pain Relief

Cannalicious Pain CBD Oil

All Cannalicious CBD oils use both full extract and CBD isolates, but the use of other cannabinoids is where the differences lie. For their Pain Relief Cannabis Oil, Cannaliicous draws a-pinene, linalool, and b-caryophyllene to relieve the effects of pain and inflammation.

This tincture is also enhanced by terpene and humulin, which are essentially natural insulins to assist with inflammation and pain. In other words, this is an extremely potent option and one you should gradually increase the dosage of at first.

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8. Cannalicious Full Extract Cannabis Oil — Energy Boost

Cannalicious Energy CBD Oil

Wrapping up the Cannalicious range, we have the terpene-enhanced Energy Boost Cannabis Oil. As it utilises limonene and geraniol, this full-spectrum CBD oil is perfect for improving concentration and remedying mental fatigue.

It’s also a great option to assist with your general well-being, but be careful with the dosage. It is a very potent option.

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9. Elixinol CBD Oil Drops 300mg — Natural

Elixinol Tincture CBD Oil 300mg Natural

Elixinol’s 300mg CBD Oil Drops are the stronger of the two offerings from this lab-certified product. The company uses CO2 (carbon dioxide) extraction techniques to create an extremely powerful full-spectrum CBD oil.

Using coconut and MCT (medium chain triglycerides) as carrier oils, both the neutral Natural and Cinnamint flavours are pure and make taking the oils easy. It’s best to start with a quarter pipette and increase your dosage from there.

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10. Elixinol CBD Oil Drops 100mg — Cinnamint

Elixinol CBD Oil 100mg Cinnamint

Elixinol’s full-spectrum CBD Oil Drops are a great way to introduce yourself to CBD and the Entourage Effect. It’s available in a neutral Natural flavour and Cinnamint, and provides a range of benefits.

It’s advisable to start with a lower concentration. However, using a more potent oil could provide more benefits from more severe symptoms associated with anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, and pain.

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5 Best Online Stores to Shop for CBD Oil in South Africa

Now that you know of the best products, it’s high time we look at where you can buy cannabis oil in South Africa.

There are a few online stores boasting CBD oil for sale, but how do you know who to trust? Here are a few of the best-recommended stores to buy cannabis oil online.

1. Cannabuddy

Cannabuddy Logo

Cannabuddy not only sells a wide variety of cannabis products, but they also share valuable knowledge about the industry. By asserting its authority with educational and practical blog posts, Cannabuddy ranks as one of the most trustworthy online stores.

They also sell a wide range of products and offer in-depth reviews on these products to further assist you in your decision-making.

Their products include (but are not limited to):

  • Edibles
  • Hemp oil
  • CBD for pets
  • Isolates and extracts

2. Taste of Cannabis

Taste Of Cannabis Logo

Taste of Cannabis is a brand that prides itself on selling organic, quality CBD oil. As a part of CannaFood International, they lead the way in the CBD edible and oil industry in South Africa.

Without any synthetic materials in the process, the GMO-free product is one of the best quality, organically grown oils on the market.

Their products include (but are not limited to):

  • CBD oil
  • CBD for pets
  • Edibles
  • Vape products
  • CBD creams

3. Zootly

Zootly Logo

Fully focused on cannabis wellness, Zootly provides a high-quality product delivered in a slick and innovative design. With international relationships established with the top distributors, you know you’re receiving only the best products on the market.

Their products include (but are not limited to):

  • Vape pens
  • Growing kits and products
  • CBD edibles
  • Smoking kits
  • CBD-focused books

4. Elixinol

Elixinol Logo

Elixinol’s elegant design tells you exactly what you need to know about their CBD product — that it’s of the finest quality. They use only the best organic Grade A Hemp grown on their farms in Eastern Europe.

To help boost their trustworthiness, they regularly provide insightful blog posts and a training programme where you can expand your knowledge of all things cannabis.

Their products include (but are not limited to):

  • CBD oil extracts
  • CBD liposomes
  • CBD capsules

5. CBD Store

CBD Store Logo

The CBD Store proudly sells an extensive range of products. They have partnered with some of the top brands in the CBD industry, making them an extremely trustworthy store.

Note: The CBD Store is currently being revamped and will be accessible again shortly.

Their products include (but are not limited to):

  • CBD oil for pets
  • CBD oil for humans (children and adults)
  • CBD creams and cosmetic goods
  • Vape products
  • CBD edibles

tincture of cbd oil

Where to Buy Cannabis Oil In-Store | 3 Best Places

If ordering online is not your preference, and you prefer to chat with a person over the counter, then we’d recommend the following three CBD oil stores.

1. CBD Shop

The CBD Shop has six stores across South Africa, located in Hyde Park, Benmore Gardens, Clearwater Mall, Morningside, and Canal Walk.

In addition to CBD oil, the store also offers a wide variety of products, including gummies, capsules, vape juices, and much more. The store is known to have excellent products and top-notch service.

2. To Your Health Organic Shop

If you’re looking for CBD oil in Cape Town, then To Your Health Organic Shop is a great place to start. Located in the Kenilworth Centre, the store stocks CBD products as part of its holistic and integrative approach to health.

The family-run business has a wide range of natural and organic products, with the expert advice of a friendly staff member to help.

3. Leading Pharmacies

It may surprise you to know that you don’t need to go to a speciality store to buy CBD Oil. There are certain pharmaceutical retailers, such as Clicks and Dischem, that stock quality CBD products.

If you know what you’re looking for regarding dosage, brand, and ethical extraction, then grabbing your CBD product in these stores can be incredibly convenient.

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Other Forms of Cannabis Oil for Sale | Gummies, Vapes & More

It’s important to keep in mind that different delivery methods or forms of CBD have a specific intention in terms of therapeutic treatment. Perhaps you’d like a tastier way of taking your CBD, or maybe a skincare product that offers the benefits of cannabis is more up your alley?

No matter the case, here are the other ways you’ll find dagga oil for sale in SA.

CBD Oil Edibles South Africa

This category applies to any form of CBD oil you can eat, which passes through your liver for metabolisation.

Although this method can take up to a few hours to take effect, it’s still one of the most popular ways to enjoy CBD. There are many benefits, including easy transportation, social subtlety, measurable doses, and taste.

From CBD gummies to easy-to-swallow capsules, here are the best offers on the market.

Cannabidiol with chemical makeup

Canabuddy CBD Gummies 200mg – Lanceleaf

Cannabuddy offers a tropical and fruity gummy range that ticks all the boxes. With 20mg in each gummy, you’ll be able to get your daily dose in one tasty morsel.

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Zootly CBD Jellies Jar 240mg

Zootly has an extensive range of edible products for you to choose from. Whether you want an easy 10mg lollipop, a 20mg chocolate bar, or fruity gummies, you can really diversify your CBD intake with Zootly.

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Taste of Cannabis Relax Gummies

Taste of Cannabis also has a fantastic range of edible products. From 10mg choc chip cookies to their own gummy range, you can indulge your senses with their range of options. They also offer the super popular Cannalicious range of edibles, which they regularly provide specials on.

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Elixinol Water Soluble Liposomes

For a unique way of infusing your meals with CBD, look no further than Elixinol’s amazing range of water-soluble liposomes. Choose from three distinct flavours: coconut, orange, or lime. With 300mg in each bottle, these are a fantastic way to flavour meals and manage your CBD intake.

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person smoking a CBD vape

CBD Vape Juice South Africa

Vaping CBD is a relatively new way of taking advantage of CBD oil benefits. CBD vape juice is specially formulated by infusing CBD oil into a vaporisable liquid base, which can then be heated at very high temperatures.

This isn’t the healthiest way to consume CBD, but it is becoming an increasingly popular delivery method.

Note: You won’t be able to have control over the dosage, as this is dependent on how much you smoke.

Taste of Cannabis Vape Juice

Much like Taste of Cannabis’ oil spray range, their vape juices come in a Pain, Relax, and Sleep variant. With each bottle containing 600mg of CBD, you definitely get your money’s worth. You can also add them to any of your favourite flavours.

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Range of CBD creams

CBD Oil Topicals

CBD creams and gels are yet another helpful way to introduce CBD into your body. As these are topicals, it’s hard to control the dosage, and they take much longer (45 to 90 minutes) to have an effect as opposed to inhaling or consuming.

However, it is a healthy option that can prove very beneficial to mental state and skincare routine.

Taste of Cannabis CBD Pain Relief Gel

Taste of Cannabis offers a fantastic CBD gel that can prove extremely beneficial for sports-related injuries. If you have a tight muscle or inflammation around the joints, the anti-inflammatory assets of this CBD byproduct can prove helpful.

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Final Thoughts On Buying Cannabis Oil In South Africa

A lot of research and financial investments have been made into the benefits of CBD, and the positive results are beginning to reveal themselves.

Valuable uses are being found, from cannabis seeds to the final product in its various forms. It’s up to the consumer to do their bit and support the brands that allow for the legal existence of the product to continue.

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