CBD oil for Pain South Africa – A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Cannabis Oil Products in 2021

Cannabis is not just a plant that is used for getting high like most of us grew up learning about. There are over 100 compounds currently being researched and only one of these – THC – are responsible for getting you high.

If you are suffering from pain, It’s time to rethink CBD because one of the benefits of CBD oil is pain relief. If you want to learn more about the pain-relieving properties of CBD oil in South Africa, you can read this article.


Where to Buy Cannabis Oil For Pain Relief?

The first thing most people are interested in is whether or not CBD oil is legal in South Africa. Luckily, the answer is yes. As long as the product does not contain THC, you can sell CBD products in brick-and-mortar CBD stores or online. After all, CBD products are purely for medicinal purposes. Which makes this a great, natural pain killer option.

So where can I buy CBD oil in South Africa? Luckily, this question has many answers. There are quite a few reputable stores that you can use to find great quality THC-free cannabis oil in Durban or any other part of the country.

You can find CBD products in most pharmacies. These products are reliable and the CBD oil Dischem price is very competitive. However, we recommend companies who specialize in producing high-quality CBD health products.

Here are our top choices.

·        Africanpure CBD Oil

Africanpure is a great choice for those looking for a wide variety of CBD for people or pets. This online company only focuses on CBD, so you can guarantee that they aren’t going to slack in this department. Some of their most popular choices are CBD drops, CBD Vapes, and CBD doggy chews. You can either purchase their products online or from Alpha Pharm, Wellness Warehouse, or leading independent pharmacies.

●    Canna-Chi CBD

Cannai-Chi is another Proudly South Africa store that specialises in CBD products. They currently have four major categories, including hemp oils, hemp functional beverage, natural cosmetics, and pet oils. Their products are currently only available online from their website.

●    Faithful To Nature

Faithful to Nature is a company that has become synonymous with a healthy lifestyle in South Africa and it is no surprise that they have added CBD to their list of products. They have CBD oil for sale as well as soft gums, topicals and candy bars. These are all great options for pain and although you can buy CBD oil in Cape Town, you can use their online store.

The Best CBD Oil Products for Pain

Now that you know some of the shops where you can start your search, it’s time to look for the best CBD oils. These products all offer pain-relieving properties, but depending on the level of pain that you are experiencing and where the pain is located, there are different CBD oils for sale in South Africa that will be beneficial to you.

1)   CBD Mouth Spray by Africanpure

This great-tasting strawberry/lemon flavoured mouth spray is convenient and offers high concentrations of isolate-based CBD., CBD Mouth Spray contains 600mg of CBD in an easy-to-carry 15ml spray bottle. This is a great way to quickly absorb CBD. Directly under your tongue is the best place to spray, as it has been found that the tissue here is the quickest way to directly absorb medicine into your bloodstream.

2)   Natural Chi CBDHemp Oil by Canna-Chi

Natural Chi CBDHemp oil is available in three different strengths  The greater your pain, the higher concentrations of CBD you will require, although the government does currently not recommend an intake of over 20mg daily. This hemp oil tincture is made using CO2 extracted CBD, making it one of the highest organic grade oils available. You are guaranteed a healthy and toxic ingredient free product.

3)   Cibdol Hemp Seed CBD Oil 5%

Cibdol Hemp Seed CBD Oil is available from Faithful to Nature. This product is made using CO2 extracted hemp seed oil and consists of 2.5mg of full-spectrum CBD per drop. The 10ml product has 460mg of CBD. For fast pain-relief, it is best to drop these oil products directly under your tongue. The sublingual method of absorption is the fastest way to get medicine directly into your bloodstream.

Finding Pain Relief with CBD Oil in South Africa

Now that you know where to find CBD oil for sale in South Africa, and some of the best pain-relieving CBD products on the market, you are ready to go out and conquer the world of CBD.

As a good rule of thumb, always start with low doses of CBD and increase as you find it necessary. If you are having doubts or are unsure of how CBD will affect you, it is always best to seek out a healthcare professional.


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