Dischem CBD Oil in South Africa: Products & Prices

There are many places now selling CBD oil in South Africa. You can even find it in the nation’s largest health stores. Dischem stocks a variety of CBD oil products ranging in price, dose and cannabinoid spectrum.

As there is limited product information on their site, we’ve put together this brief list of their top products and brands. We’ve also included a few honourable mentions from a few products that aren’t in Dischem’s shelves.

Dischem CBD Oil Prices

Dischem’s range of CBD oil includes multiple concentrations at varying prices. Starting at R300, you’ll get 100mg of CBD isolate drops which are a great beginner option. Thereafter, products range between R400 – R1 000.

Here are some of the best products available in Dischem stores and on their website.

Rethink Digest 150mg CBD Oil

Rethink CBD Oil

  • 150mg CBD Isolate
  • 30ml

Rethink 150mg CBD Digest Oil helps those dealing with inflammation issues related to your digestive tract by combining the anti-inflammatory effects of ginger, artichoke and 150mg of pure isolated CBD oil.

When the cannabidiol molecules are extracted from hemp and separated from the other cannabinoids, it is referred to as a CBD isolate. We suggest starting with a lower dose such as this one in order to gradually introduce CBD to your system in order to monitor the effects.

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Cannabex 450mg CBD Isolate Drops

Cannabex CBD Oil

  • 450mg CBD Isolate
  • 15ml

Cannbex 450mg CBD Oil is Dischem’s premium CBD product available. The product’s cost reflects the high manufacturing standard. It’s on the stronger of the concentration spectrum in its field.

This CBD oil is proposed to be a highly effective way to manage symptoms of pain, anxiety, inflammation and insomnia. You can also keep it on you throughout the day for some relief from sporadic discomfort.

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Releaf 600mg CBD Oil Drops

Releaf CBD Oil

  • 600mg Broad Spectrum CBD
  • 15ml

Broad-spectrum CBD includes all the beneficial cannabinoids extracted from a plant, with the specific exception of THC.

Since the combined effect of all but one cannabinoid still encourages the benefits of the Entourage Effect, you’ll get a higher therapeutic value without any THC being involved.

Releaf 600mg CBD Oil has a relatively strong concentration but is still safe to be taken daily. It aids sleep, inflammation, restlessness and supports overall wellbeing. Available in 250mg and 600mg, we recommend the latter for more acute issues.

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Where Else Can I Buy CBD Oil in South Africa

There are many places to buy CBD Oil in South Africa, especially online. Here are some of our personal favourites among South Africa’s CBD manufacturers made using 100% cannabis oil.

elixinol cinnamint cbd oil for kids

Elixinol CBD Oil Drops – Cinnamint

  • 300mg full-spectrum CBD
  • 30ml bottle

Although more in-depth research is needed, there are many studies suggesting that CBD can manage anxiety. Since the endocannabinoid system is a natural influence on our mood regulation, this isn’t surprising.

Elixinol’s CBD oil drops are designed to ease anxiety and help improve overall stress levels. They’re available in capsules which each contain 5mg of pure full-spectrum CBD oil.

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Taste of Cannabis CBD Oil

Taste of Cannabis 100mg CBD Oil – Full Spectrum

  • 100mg Full-Spectrum CBD
  • 15ml bottle

FourFiveCBD is a South African brand of high-quality CBD oil that’s designed with athletes in mind. Their CBD oil is made for topical application and directly absorbs into the cannabinoid receptors located within our skin cells.

Topical CBD accelerates the healing of surface skin issues such as bruising, rashes, and infections. Deeper absorption of CBD into the skin allows the molecules to absorb into the muscles, directly treating painful, tired muscles.

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Taste of Cannabis CBD Oil Relax

Taste of Cannabis Relax CBD Oil – Full Spectrum

  • 600mg CBD Full Spectrum
  • 30ml bottle

Another fantastic product on the market is Taste of Cannabis’ Relax CBD oil. Boasting chamomile essential oil, the product offers you a way to dial back your stress so you can truly relax. The oil comes in two strengths, 300mg and 600mg, so you can start with a small dosage that you can gradually increase as you see fit.

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Growing hemp for CBD Oil

Final Thoughts on Buying Cannabis Oil at Dischem

Simplifying your search for products with CBD, it can be as easy as popping down to the pharmacy. Once you’ve made your choice of CBD oil, you can even have it delivered quickly and safely right to your door at no additional cost.

If you’re not finding what you’re looking for in Dischem’s virtual shelves, or want to explore more CBD products available in South Africa, feel free to check out online brands we’ve mentioned above. Alternatively, you could also be looking for something a little tastier than tinctures. In this case, there are plenty of delicious CBD edibles in South Africa.

Why not try them both and see which ones you prefer.

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