Best CBD Gummies South Africa 2023 | 7 Top Cannabis Edibles

With the popularity of the cannabis industry growing, different ways of using CBD have become more readily available. Not everyone fancies inhaling vapour or the bitter taste of CBD oils on their tongue. So, the best CBD gummies South Africa has to offer are simply the next best thing.

Not only are edibles easy to ingest, but gummies are the best-tasting way to take CBD. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind, like the difference between THC gummies in South Africa and their CBD alternatives. We cover all the things you need to know, from the differences between THC and CBD to gummy benefits and much more.

Back to the matter at hand, we have compiled a list of the 7 best CBD edibles for sale in South Africa. Keep reading to discover a world full of immaculate taste, funky flavours, and true relaxation.

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What Are the Benefits of CBD Gummy Edibles for South Africans?

You may be thinking: Why would I need yet another way to ingest CBD? Well, it’s because each way of taking CBD will give you different effects and experiences. Gummies are:

  • Easy to take: Gummies are mouth-wateringly tasty and don’t need to be swallowed whole like CBD oil capsules, which can get stuck in your throat. It’s smooth swallowing from here on out.
  • Non-psychotropic: Gummy edibles contain no THC. You won’t get high from ingesting gummies, but rather just feel the relaxing and de-stressing benefits of CBD. Read here for more about the science behind how cannabis gets you high.
  • More effective with less product: CBD gummies are a type of edible. This means the cannabinoids will be absorbed into your blood via your stomach and liver rather than your lungs. Thus, you can eat fewer edibles for the same dosage as inhaling loads of smokables. 
  • Long-lasting: Because of how slow and steadily our digestive tract distributes nutrients, gummies will produce slow effects lasting for hours. Whereas smokables produce full effects in a matter of minutes and only last just over an hour.
  • Gentle on your lungs and throat: It’s no secret that inhaling anything but fresh oxygen is harmful to your lungs. Vaping and smoking marijuana have far fewer negative effects compared to cigarettes, but they still do damage. Gummies are harmless to the lungs and taste amazing.
  • Causes minimal negative side-effects: Daunting side-effects like dizziness, memory loss, and paranoia are not as common with weed gummies. Probably the most common side effect is dry mouth. This happens with most cannabis products, regardless of the strain or how they are taken.

7 Best CBD Edibles for Sale in South Africa

Cannabis brands are popping up left, right, and centre. Knowing where to buy your gummies can be overwhelming. To help you make the best choice, here’s our list of the best CBD gummies for sale in South Africa.

1. Lanceleaf CBD Gummies (200mg)

lanceleaf cbd gummies 200mg

Lanceleaf gummies pack a total of 200mg of CBD per tube. These gummies are made of CBD isolate and contain 0% THC. Using locally sourced hemp, these cute CBD gummy bears are packed with flavour. We found the tropical flavour to have the perfect balance of sweetness along with a lovely chewy texture.

As a broad-spectrum CBD product, these edible gummy bears offer loads of benefits. Some of the most common include aiding sleep and anxiety. There have even been reviews of how they have helped with pain management. Simply put, these are the perfect snacks for those looking to relax without the high from the THC.

Although these aren’t vegan CBD gummies, there are many other pros to going with Lanceleaf. Some of these include the following:

  • There are 10 gummies per tube
  • Each gummy has 20mg of CBD, which happens to be the exact daily intake recommended by SAHPRA.
  • The packaging is completely biodegradable.

So, if you’re looking for a tasty way to get your daily intake of CBD while leaving a light footprint on the environment, Lanceleaf may just be for you.

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2. Zootly CBD Jellies Jar Tropical Fruit (240mg)

zootly cbd jellies jar tropical fruit 240mg

Zootly is a fantastic option if you want great value for money. Each jar offers a healthy dose of 240mg, all at an extremely good price. Each Zootly gummy offers a fresh burst of tropical flavours as well as an effective relaxant due to the added CBD. This product contains no THC or psychoactive compounds, so say goodbye to that high feeling and the added side effects it can bring about.

Instead of spraying CBD oil on, which is a common way of infusing edibles with CBD, Zootly makes an effort to roll a broad-spectrum CBD blend into the gummies. This ensures each gummy has a uniform, sublime taste and potency, ensuring that each gummy’s dosage is as stated on the packaging.

While it’s another non-vegan option, its benefits stretch far and wide. This includes assisting with sleep and general well-being, all thanks to its certified broad-spectrum CBD. If that’s not enough, here are some details on Zootly’s super offer:

  • There are 12 gummies in each jar.
  • Each edible has a guaranteed 20mg of CBD per gummy.
  • You get a reusable glass jar.

So, if you’re looking for a great deal on your daily dose of tasty treats, Zootly should be top of your list.

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3. Zootly CBD Jellies Jar Sour Apple (60mg)

zootly cbd jellies jar sour apple 60mg

For a slightly more manageable dosage where you don’t have to go for the full 20mg all at once, Zootly’s 60mg offer is a great alternative. While you can get this offer in a Zootly Tutti Fruity flavour, the Sour Apple is an extremely popular choice. Not only is it different from the usual tropical fruit flavours, but it adds a slightly more tart aftertaste, so it’s not overly sweet.

Before you go about having four jellies for the same dosage as Zootly’s 20mg offer, just start with one or two gummies. They may be smaller in dosage, but they still pack a punch. Many reviewers have noted their effectiveness, so start off with one or two and increase as necessary.

Reviews for this product confirm the effectiveness of the gummies as well as their part in fighting insomnia. It is recommended that when taking any CBD-infused product, you wait 30 minutes to feel the effects before increasing your dosage.

Much like the other Zootly products, this isn’t a vegan gummy. But for more specific details, here’s a quick breakdown:

  • There are 12 Gummies per pack.
  • Each gummy has a 5mg CBD dosage.
  • It also comes in a reusable glass jar.

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4. Taste of Cannabis Relax CBD Gummies (20mg)

TOC relax CBD gummies 20mg

For our fellow vegan CBD users, a Taste of Cannabis showcases multiple different CBD products for you to try. Our favourite has to be the Relax CBD Gummies, which offer a mindblowing 300mg of CBD per jar. Be aware these vegan CBD gummies are extra strong, so it’s best you regulate your dosage and try to stick to the recommended 20mg per day.

As a full-spectrum CBD gummy, it offers a world of possible benefits for all its users. Some of the most common recorded benefits amongst reviewers include mood stability, improved sleep, and the management of chronic pain. In other words, this full-spectrum CBD gummy is a fantastic option for those with a vegan diet.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect to get from each of these Relax CBD Gummies jars:

  • You’ll get 15 fruit-flavored gummies.
  • Each gummy has 20mg of CBD.
  • The jars are also made of reusable glass.

With each gummy offering 20mg of CBD, you simply need to have one a day, so these jars go a long way.

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5. Taste of Cannabis Chillax CBD Gummies (10mg)

TOC chillax CBD gummies 10mg

If you liked the sound of Taste of Cannabis’ first product, we have another one from this brand in their Chillax CBD-infused gummies. Each edible is packed with a juicy and fruity flavour. What’s the difference between the two products, you may ask? Well, these edibles have a total of 150mg of CBD per jar, which is far lower than the Relax derivative.

These gummies use non-animal-derived gelatin, making them suitable for vegans. Despite their lower dosage, Chillax gummies are still fairly powerful as the CBD is lab-tested to provide you with only the best cannabinoids. As another full-spectrum CBD gummy, these edibles offer loads of benefits that everyone will be better off because of.

Aside from it’s reusable glass jar, here are some of the other specifications worth noting:

  • There are 15 gummies per pack.
  • Enjoy 10mg CBD per gummy.
  • The gummies are only made with non-GMO ingredients.

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6. Cannalicious Yummy Gummies (20mg)

cannalicious yummy gummies 20mg

Now, Cannalicious South Africa is probably the most recognizable product in South Africa at the moment. You would have seen these Yummy Gummies edibles at Clicks. As it’s featured in one of the most iconic South African dispensaries, it only makes sense to do a Cannalicious Gummies review, right?

There are five fruit-filled flavours for you to enjoy, and each packet has a total of 200mg of CBD. To make things even better, it’s a vegan-friendly option, so it’s a great dietary supplement for everyone. As a full-spectrum CBD edible, it offers all the usual benefits you come to expect. However, it’s worth noting that many reviewers have said it’s helped a lot with concentration and their general well-being.

Here’s a quick look at the other features of this fantastic product:

  • You get 10 gummies per pack.
  • Enjoy 20mg CBD per gummy.
  • They use non-GMO, non-toxic ingredients.

Although the packaging is plastic, which isn’t ideal, it is soft plastic, which is recyclable.

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7. Cannalicious Yummy Gummies (10mg)

cannalicious yummy gummies 10mg

Last but certainly not least, we have some more Cannalicious Yummy Gummies edibles to take a look at. Much like the 20mg option, these jellies offer full-spectrum benefits. Our fellow vegans can also indulge in these tasty packets. They also come in five distinct flavours, so each gummy offers a unique fruity kick.

Each packet has a total of 100mg CBD, so it’s not as strong as the 20mg per gummy version. Don’t go gung-ho, though, as these jellies are still very strong. So, if you want to manage your dosage and still get the benefits of increased concentration, better sleep, and reduced effects of anxiety, then these jellies are for you.

Take a look at these specifications so you know exactly what you’ll be buying:

  • Enjoy 10 Yummy Gummy edibles per packet.
  • Each gummy has 10mg CBD.
  • The plastic packaging is recyclable.

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The Difference Between THC and CBD Candy

The main difference is that THC edibles will create the “high” effect due to the psychoactive compounds, whereas CBD gummies will not. It’s also worth noting that CBD is only a Schedule 4 substance, while THC is a Schedule 5 drug.

In other words, you’ll need to visit a certified dispensary and a doctor’s script in order to get THC oils and other products.

CBD gummy with marijuana plant

Isolates vs. Full-Spectrum Cannabis Gummies

Isolates only contain CBD, while full-spectrum products contain small traces of other cannabis compounds. This includes flavonoids and terpenes, and it can contain THC. However, all the full-spectrum products we reviewed contain 0% THC.

What does all this mean? Simply put, full-spectrum CBD is slightly stronger than its isolate counterparts, so isolates can take a bit longer to take effect.

Potential Side Effects of Consuming CBD Edibles

We mentioned a lot of the benefits that CBD has to offer, and while these are all fantastic, there are some potential side effects. Dry mouth may be the most common side effect, but some people have noted others.

Here’s a quick list of the symptoms you should keep an eye on when eating CBD edibles:

  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth

These are fairly rare when taking edibles, but they can occur. If you feel any of these symptoms, consider reducing your intake, and if the issues persist, it may be better to stop consuming edibles altogether.

FAQs About CBD Edibles South Africa

Just because we’ve covered all the best cannabis edibles in South Africa, some pesky questions may still persist. Here are all the quick answers you need.

person holding CBD edibles

How Much Are Edibles in SA?

This really depends on the quantity, strength, and brand you purchase, but you can expect the pricing to be between R120 and R500.

Where Can I Get Edible Sweets in South Africa?

You can get your edibles in-store at Clicks, Dischem, and the CBD Shop. But why not save the trip and get your edibles conveniently from the comfort of your home? They’ll get delivered straight to your door.

Can You Drink Alcohol With CBD Gummies?

Some studies have noted how mixing alcohol and CBD can result in increased sedation. So, rather keep the glass of bubbly or beer in the fridge and just enjoy the mellowing effect of CBD without the booze.

Final Thoughts on Gummy CBD Edibles South Africa

Whether you’re looking for an easier way to ingest CBD or just a fantastic flavour experience, gummies won’t let you down. Enjoy these easy-to-take sweet treats with the amazing benefits of value, limited side effects, a variety of strengths, flavours, and CBD infusions. We highly recommend trying one of these gummy brands.

If you’re looking for more helpful information, read our post on what is CBD.

  1. I’m trying to find out if any of these helps to stop smoking and if so where in Port Elizabeth

    • Hi Debra, I can think the relaxing and de-stressing benefits of CBD may help you in your effort to stop smoking. I personally do not smoke and prefer using cbd oil for wellness – but let me know how you find the cbd gummies – the products are all linked to online stores who deliver.
      Kind regards,

  2. hi, I have MS – which kind of gummy would you suggest? tks very much JANE

    • Hi Jane, I understand any type of CBD product may help to reduce symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis (MS). If you are yet to consume CBD, I can suggest slowly introducing CBD from any of the gummy products listed above up to a daily dose of 20 mg of CBD per day. Alternatively, you may find a CBD Oil to be more suitable.

      Kind regards,

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