7 Best CBD Gummies South Africa 2021 | Cannabis Edibles

With the popularity of the cannabis industry growing, different ways of using CBD have become more readily available. Cannabis gummies in South Africa, are great for those who don’t fancy inhaling vapor or holding CBD oils under their tongue.

Not only are edibles easy to ingest, but gummies are the best-tasting way to take CBD. We have comprised a list of the best 7 gummy cannabis edibles, South Africa. Keep reading to discover a world full of immaculate taste, funky flavors, and true relaxation.

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Benefits of Gummy CBD Edibles

You may be thinking; Why would I need yet another way to ingest CBD? Well, it’s because each way of taking CBD will give you different effects and experiences. Gummies are:

  • Easy to take: Gummies are mouth-wateringly tasty and don’t need to be swallowed whole, just to get stuck in your throat. It’s smooth swallowing from here on out.


  • Non-psychotropic: Gummy edibles contain no THC. You won’t get high from ingesting gummies, but rather just feel the relaxing and de-stressing benefits of CBD. You can read more about the science behind cannabis here.


  • More-effective with less product: CBD gummies are a type of edible. This means the cannabinoids will be absorbed into your blood via your stomach and liver rather than your lungs. Thus needing to eat fewer gummies than when inhaling smokables to reach the same dose of CBD.


  • Long-lasting: Because of how slow and steadily our digestive tract distributes nutrients, gummies will produce slow effects lasting for hours. Whereas smokables produce full effects in a matter of minutes and only last just over an hour.


  • Gentle on your lungs and throat: It’s no secret that inhaling anything but fresh oxygen is harmful to your lungs. Vaping and smoking bud have far fewer negative effects compared to cigarettes, but they still do damage. Gummies are harmless to the lungs and taste amazing.


  • Causes minimal negative side-effects: Daunting side-effects like dizziness, memory loss, and paranoia will not occur with weed edible gummies. The only side effect is dry-mouth. This happens with most cannabis products, regardless of the strain or how they are ingested.

Gummy Cannabis Edibles for Sale South Africa

Cannabis brands are popping up left, right, and center. Knowing where to buy your gummies can be overwhelming. To follow, is a list of the best CBD gummies for sale, South Africa, to help you with your choice.

Wild hemp CBD Gummies

Wild Hemp Gummy Rings CBD Infused 25MG

Wild Hemp’s Gummies pack a total of 250mg of CBD. These gummies are made of CBD isolate and contain 0% THC. Wild Hemp use completely naturally occurring cannabinoids found in hemp.

Their method differs from other brands because of the combination of CBD isolate with CBD oil, thus increasing the effectiveness of the tincture. These are the perfect snack for those looking to relax without the high from the THC.

  • 10 Gummies
  • 25mg CBD per gummy
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koi CBD gummies

KOI CBD Tropical Fruit Soft Gummies

Koi gummies offer a fresh burst of tropical flavors as well as an effective relaxant due to the added CBD. This product contains no THC or psychoactive compounds.

Instead of spraying CBD oil on, which is a common way of infusing edibles with CBD, Koi makes the effort to roll a full-spectrum CBD blend into the gummies, three times. This ensures each gummy has a uniform, sublime taste and potency.

  • 6 Gummies
  • 10mg CBD per gummy
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Whoomph CBD Gummies

Whoomph 105mg Full Spectrum Gummies

Whoomph offers two flavors or their delicious gummies. Juicy strawberry flavor or a combination of sweet tropical fruits. These Gummies provide a collective amount of 150mg of Full Spectrum CBD.

After tasting these bite-size pieces of heaven, you’ll never want to go back. Whoomph puts in extra effort to ensure high clarity CBD extract and each gummy is the best it can be. This makes these the best CBD sweets in South Africa.

  • 10 Gummies per pack
  • 15mg CBD per gummy
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TOC CBD Gummies

CannaCo. Gummies

TOC also supplies different ranges of gummies. These gummies are produced using full-spectrum CBD oil and combined, pack a punch of 60mg of CBD.

Reviews for this product confirm the effectiveness of the gummies as well as their part in fighting insomnia. The recommended dose is a maximum of 3 gummies. It is recommended that when taking any CBD infused product, you wait 10-15 minutes to feel effects, before increasing your dosage.

  • 15 Gummies per pack
  • 4mg CBD per gummy
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TOC chillax CBD gummies

Chillax CBD Gummies 150MG

Taste of Cannabis showcases multiple different CBD products to try. Another one of our favorites from this brand is their Chillax CBD infused gummies.

These gummies use non-animal derived gelatin, making them suitable for vegans. The Chillax Gummies are also one of the strongest on the list, next to Wild Hemp’s Gummy Rings. Combining all packed gummies will give you a total of 150mg of CBD.

  • 15 gummies per pack
  • 10mg CBD per gummy
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CBD store gummies


These Gummies are intended to be taken like daily vitamins. According to reviews, these gummies not only treat you with a taste sensation of lemon-lime, mango and berries, but are also helpful when dealing with pain.

These CBD pastels contain CBD-isolate to help with daily maintenance of general well-being and health. It is recommended to take two pastels per day. ADCO’s gummies contain no THC or tartrazine and each batch is tested in a laboratory to ensure supreme quality.

  • 30 Pastel Gummies
  • 10mg CBD in each gummy
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cannabis CBD gummies

CannaBelly – CBD Isolate Handmade Gummies

These delicious, sugar-dusted gummies are great value for money. CannaBelly makes all their gummies by hand, ensuring that extra bit of love and attention to detail!

These gummies are made from highly concentrated CBD isolates. The recommended dosage for this product is 2 gummies per day (20mg CBD).

  • 10 gummies per pack
  • 10mg CBD per gummy
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Final Thoughts on Gummy CBD Edibles South Africa

Whether you’re looking for an easier way to ingest CBD or just a fantastic flavor experience, gummies won’t let you down. From the amazing benefits of value, limited side-effects and easy-taking to the variety of strengths, flavors and CBD infusions. We highly recommend trying one of these gummy brands.

  1. I’m trying to find out if any of these helps to stop smoking and if so where in Port Elizabeth

    • Hi Debra, I can think the relaxing and de-stressing benefits of CBD may help you in your effort to stop smoking. I personally do not smoke and prefer using cbd oil for wellness – but let me know how you find the cbd gummies – the products are all linked to online stores who deliver.
      Kind regards,

  2. hi, I have MS – which kind of gummy would you suggest? tks very much JANE

    • Hi Jane, I understand any type of CBD product may help to reduce symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis (MS). If you are yet to consume CBD, I can suggest slowly introducing CBD from any of the gummy products listed above up to a daily dose of 20 mg of CBD per day. Alternatively, you may find a CBD Oil to be more suitable.

      Kind regards,

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