CBD Dog Treats in South Africa | Top Pet Edibles for Canines

A cup of puppy love, a dash of furry snuggles, and a sprinkle of playful chaos — owning a dog is a recipe for a cherished loyal companion. So, when our canine friends are in distress in any way it chips away at our own sense of well-being.

By adding natural and carefully-crafted CBD treats to your dog’s diet you could potentially assist them with a variety of hindering ailments.

Unsure which products are right for your pet? We’ll guide you through the various elements of the best CBD dog treats, which include general information and acquiring the appropriate edibles for your pet’s needs.

CBD Chews for Dogs – Best Biscuits, Pastilles & More

Just like CBD gummies for humans, a tasty flavour and appetizing presentation might make your pet more likely to enjoy its daily dose of goodness. Take a look at some of the best CBD treats on the market in South Africa:

CBD Pastilles for Dogs From CBD Store

Cibapet CBD pastilles product

The Cibapet CBD pastilles for dogs is formulated to support your pet’s health and well-being.  This product is filled with an abundance of added health-beneficial ingredients, such as calcium and various vitamins.

These flavourful tablets are a great addition to your pup’s diet and can alleviate any discomfort and emotional distress.

With the low dosage of CBD concentration in each pastille, these CBD treats for dogs’ anxiety can be administered daily. Be sure to consult your dog’s vet beforehand.

Additional Information:

  • 55 pastilles per box.
  • Zinc, iron, manganese, and various vitamins have been added to the product as well.
  • 2 mg of CBD per pastille.
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TOC Dog Treats From Taste of Cannabis

Taste of Cannabis dog treats

Enriched with a tasty flavour palette to make any pet drool, the Taste of Cannabis Dog Treats will have your dog take their health supplement with pleasure. These bone-shaped bites of delight can potentially assist various afflictions causing your pet distress.

The benefits of these CBD calming dog treats include supporting joints, mobility, and aiding the digestive system.

Additional Information:

  • 20 treats per pack.
  • Each biscuit has 5 mg CBD isolate.
  • Total of 100mg CBD per pack.
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Koi CBD Dog Treats From CBD Store

Koi CBD dog treats

Ready to feel tempted yourself by the delicious aromas of these bite-sized hemp dog treats? These treats are hemp-derived products that are beneficial for the general well-being of your pet pal.

Koi CBD Dog Treats come in various flavours specified to target certain problem areas such as joint support. The three flavours to choose from are:

  • Green Apple & Peanut Butter (for calming support)
  • Pumpkin Spice & Cinnamon (for joint support)
  • Blueberry & Sweet Potato (for immune support)

These organic and gluten-free treats are a healthy and appetizing way to add CBD to your pet’s daily regimen without nasty additives or GMOs. Read more to view the full ingredient list of this product.

Additional Information:

  • 5 mg of CBD per biscuit, 150 mg hemp treats per bag.
  • 30 treats per bag.
  • Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.
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Cannabuddy 300mg Full-Spectrum CBD Oil for Pets

Cannabuddy CBD pet oil product

Making your own treats for your dog is a wonderful way to know exactly what you’re feeding them. One great tasty treat is dog CBD chewy biscuits made with love.

This can be done by incorporating an oil, such as the Cannabuddy full-spectrum CBD oil, into a dog treat recipe. It is not only vegan-friendly but is also GMP certified.

This oil has been carefully crafted to assist with mood regulation and the immune system by targeting the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the central nervous system. It is advised that dogs start with a lower dosage to see how they react and function using CBD products.

A no-bake CBD edible option works best if you have a fatty or oily base, such as a peanut butter treat recipe which can be viewed here. Simply add the CBD oil to the base and make sure it is mixed well.

Additional Information:

  • 30ml in the bottle.
  • 600 drops per bottle, 1mg CBD per drop.
  • Be sure not to exceed the daily dosage of 20mg.
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Dog receiving treat

CBD Dog Treat – FAQs

While feeding your pet a new, yet fairly unknown substance can be a scary thing, but it does not have to be. By educating yourself on CBD biscuits for dogs, you’ll be able to confidently spoil your pet with tasty treats.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Pet Treats?

CBD-infused products can be used to treat a number of health issues for your pet. These are the various benefits that might have a positive effect on existing ailments:

  • Might have anti-inflammatory properties which can aid symptoms of diseases, such as arthritis.
  • Could assist in alleviating stress and anxiety-driven symptoms and coaxing your pet into a relaxed state.
  • Possible increase in appetite if your dog is not eating.
  • May promote a state of well-being and vitality in your pets.

Is It Safe?

Dog waiting for treat

Much like CBD oil for dogs, these treats are safe for dogs to ingest if instructions are followed. It’s important to note that CBD, or cannabidiol, does not contain psychoactive effects. This simply means that your dog will not get “high” from CBD alone.

What are Some Tips for First-time Users?

If you’re new to the CBD pet game you’ve come to the right place. Here are some tips to guide you on your journey:

  • Use the correct dosage – this will often vary depending on the size and weight of your dog, so make sure you do some research beforehand.
  • Check the ingredients – Focus on a hemp-derived product as high levels of THC are very toxic for your four-legged bundle of joy.
  • Consult with your vet first – while dogs are very unlikely to overdose from CBD alone, some pets are more sensitive to its effects.

Note: Read here for an extensive and in-depth guide of general information about CBD for dogs.

dog catching treat mid-air

Final Thoughts on CBD Dog Chews & Treats

From store-bought bites to homemade goodies, CBD treats are a no-fuss way to incorporate a nutritious additive into your dog’s diet. CBD dog treats for joint pain, anxiety, and other afflictions are a great stepping stone to providing your dog with the best of the best.

With potential wellness benefits and aiding existing discomforts, these biscuits will be sure to be your pet’s favourite part of the day. So go on and treat your furry friend!


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