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Although it’s still very much illegal to sell cured flowers and their psychoactive by-products, there is no law in place which criminalises the sale of cannabis seeds in South Africa. Since the decriminalisation of growing cannabis for personal use, South African stoners are able to grow our own dagga plants.

Growing marijuana from seeds is hugely rewarding and gives you control over the bud’s quality.

In the 21st Century, selecting your weed seeds takes careful consideration, forethought and some additional knowledge. Continue on, to find out what you need to know about buying cannabis seeds in South Africa.

Indoor tray of young cannabis plants

Types of Cannabis Seeds

Choosing your seeds begins with deciding what kind of effects you are looking for your future flowers to produce.

Indica strains of cannabis are known for their soothing effects, where Sativa strains are often associated with an uplifted feeling. You’re also able to find varying combinations of the two, known as Hybrid strains.

Buying Cannabis Seeds Online South Africa

To decide on what kind of plant you want to grow, you need to consider your seeds gender, growth time, height, and yield. We’ve made this helpful local guide to buying cannabis seeds.

It includes all you need to know about the above, as well as some places to buy weed seeds online in South Africa.  Read on for our updated list for 2021 which has a range of regular, feminised, and auto-flowering seeds at various price ranges.

DG AFrican Buddha cannabis grown from seed

African Buddha Seeds

  • 10 regular seeds
  • 50/50 Indica-Sativa ratio
  • Vibey, euphoric & relaxing

This homegrown hybrid is a gourmet Cheese strain crossed from Big Buddha Cheese and Daggafontein’s DG Gold – a descendant of the Malawi Gold strain – one of Africa’s finest historical cannabis strains.

In an indoor setup, these DG African Buddha Seeds are estimated to yield 400-600g per square meter and are ready for harvest about 10 weeks after flowering.

With 50% chance of your seeds becoming males, Daggafontein Genetics offers a replacement pack in the unlikely event that you find yourself in a sausage fest.

Super Lemon Dawg cannabis grown from seed

Super Lemon Dawg Seeds

  • 10 regular seeds
  • Sativa-leaning
  • Uplifting, complex & easy-going

Despite its flashy title, these Super Lemon Dawg Seeds produce a plant that’s easy to grow and relatively mild in its effect – at least relative to other Sativa strains. These seeds are great for those looking for an uplifting high that doesn’t knock you off your feet.

This strain of cannabis is easy to grow and suitable for beginners, although in expert hands these plants could become something exceptional. What the buds lack in size, they more than makeup for with sugary terpenes which should be ready within 10-12 weeks of blooming.

Girl Scout Cookies cannabis grown from seed

Girl Scout Cookie Seeds

  • 5 feminized seeds
  • Indica-dominant
  • Inspires creativity and a sense of calm

This California strain is world-renowned for its lingering cookie-dough flavour and euphoric effects. These feminised Girl Scout Cookie Seeds are estimated to be ready after 8-9 weeks of flowering and can produce a beautiful array of pink and purple buds leading up to harvest.

There’s a small chance that feminised seeds could become hermaphrodites, but this is made less likely through careful selection and breeding. You can use these plants to pollinate your female plants to produce next season’s seeds.

Strawberry Pie cannabis grown from seed

Strawberry Pie Auto Seeds

  • Up to 10 auto-flowering seeds
  • Indica dominant
  • A comfortable body high with a lighthearted tone

Although the growing plants require some LST, they really show their appreciation for the extra TLC in the end. The growing plant’s bouquet of broad leaves will do well with low-stress training and minimal pruning. This will maximise the growing buds’ exposure to light and will significantly increase your yield.

These Strawberry Pie Auto Seeds, from Trophy Seeds, have a short flowering cycle with an enticing end result.

The taste and smell of these rosy nugs before and after curing is deliciously lingering. They bring on a mellow yet engaging buzz that pairs very well with a comfy blanket and Netflix marathon.

Amnesia Auto cannabis grown from seed

Amnesia Auto Seeds

  • 5 auto-flowering seeds
  • Sativa dominant
  • Euphoric, focused, and uplifting effects

Although strong Sativa strains are becoming increasingly popular due to the promising medicinal benefits of THC, there are still many negative effects which can plague certain THC-rich strains.

Amnesia Auto Seeds produce Sativa-dominant buds without unwelcome paranoia, dizziness or nausea to interrupt your day. Enjoy the euphoric, yet clear-headed effects, of this blended phenotype after about 11 weeks from the flowering stage.

Adolescents cannabis plant grown from seed

Final Thoughts on Cannabis South Africa

South Africans are lucky to be living in one of the best places to grow cannabis in the world. Now that you’ve some of our favourite choices of marijuana seeds in South Africa, it’s time to take your pick and get growing.

Feel free to refer back to this guide for some top-notch online cannabis seed stores, many of which also stock growing kits and other equipment.





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