Where To Buy Cannabis Seeds In South Africa

In September 2018 the Constitutional Court in South Africa came to the decision that it is no longer a criminal offense for an adult citizen to use marijuana in the comfort of their own home. This was a revolutionary turn of events for the people of South Africa as they could now have access to this wonderful plant and the potential benefits it holds. 

This bill that was passed allows South African adult citizens to cultivate and smoke marijuana in the privacy of their own homes. The climate of the country is absolutely perfect for the cultivation of cannabis, which is evident in its long history in South Africa.

If you really wanted to it’s definitely possible to use any random old seeds you find and start growing! However, it’s a much better idea to look at getting some good quality seeds in South Africa so that you know exactly what to expect from your fledgling plant baby.

So let’s get into some of the specific types of seeds you can find on the market these days, and what makes each of them unique.

The Positive Aspects To Growing Cannabis

When it comes to growing your own marijuana in your backyard you have a lot more freedom of choice and exactly how your plants turn out. You’ll be able to grow exactly what you’re looking for, be it a relaxing Indica or high CBD strain.

Choosing to grow your own weed will also definitely help increase your knowledge on the herbal plant as well. Ultimately you’ll also end up saving a fair chunk of money by growing your own marijuana and maybe even develop a new hobby of gardening! 

Different Types Of Cannabis Seeds

Most of the seeds on the market these days are one of the three different types. You also get regular seeds that don’t fall into any of these categories and just grow as a wild plant would. 

We’ve created a list of the different types of seeds available on the market these days for your convenience, so you can get your own grown.

CBD Seeds

CBD is one of the main compounds found within marijuana alongside the psychoactive THC. Purchasing these specific types of seeds will ensure that your crop will have higher concentrations of the therapeutic and medical CBD and significantly less THC volume. 

CBD, which is also known as Cannabidiol, has been linked to having high medical potential as a muscle relaxant, anti-carcinogenic properties, and sleep aid.

Growing plants from these weed seeds are highly rewarding for those looking to use CBD and prepare tinctures and oils from it.

Looking for CBD seeds? There’s a great selection to choose from right here: Marijuana Seeds SA

Autoflower Seeds

These particular seeds are absolutely perfect for the curious gardener looking to grow marijuana quickly and easily. Autoflower seeds will start to grow buds based on time rather than the season and light cycle they are experiencing. 

These are fantastic for new growers who would like their plant to grow easily, and bud after around 2-4 weeks of growth. The only downside is that they tend to yield slightly less bud than their counterparts as they don’t grow as large as other plants.

These seeds are available in most strains out in the market today, so rest assured if you’re looking for an easy grow of your favorite strain you’ll find it.

We’ve found a brilliant selection of autoflower seeds right here at: Cape Ape Seeds

Feminized Seeds

These seeds have been designed to turn into female plants around 90% of the time. The growth process of the plants is determined by its genetics and chromosomes, and while in the wild it’s really a gamble – with scientific pursuits feminized seeds have become a staple in marijuana cultivation.

Potentially one of the most disappointing things when growing seeds is if they turn out to be male plants. Male cannabis plants don’t create any bud at all, instead focusing on creating pollen sacks to reproduce as they would in the wild.

If you’d like to browse a fantastic selection of feminized seeds head over to: Cannabis Seed SA

Marijuana Seed Banks in South Africa

When it comes to purchasing marijuana seeds in South Africa you want to ensure you get good quality and value for your money. These companies are established and trustworthy names that have run their respective South African seed banks for many years.

We’ve made a list of our three favorite companies where you can buy cannabis seeds in South Africa. Check them out below.

Cape Ape Seeds

This particular company is an incredibly trusted name over the years. Their main headquarters are located in the United States of America. Going onto their website you’re immediately greeted with a sleek online dispensary page that can be used by anyone across the country and abroad. Online delivery orders usually take within 72 hours to arrive straight to your door.

Cape Ape Seeds are an efficient and professional company that prides itself on being your number one for anything marijuana seed and cultivation related. Be sure to give them a look and experience all there is to offer firsthand.

Our favorite strain of Cape Ape Seeds is the world renowned OG Kush, this strain is autoflower, high in THC and guaranteed to give you a smooth smoke!

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Cannabis Seed SA

This proudly South African company is still quite new but has quickly created a name for itself as being sleek, efficient and easy to use. They have a very large selection of seeds and strains from across three major Dutch seed banks that Cannabis Seed SA work in tandem with.

Many of the strains for sale are incredibly popular in Europe and abroad and have won awards over the years. Be sure to give this company a look if you’ve been wanting to try your hand at growing any new or exotic strains!

Our favorite strain from Cannabis Seed SA is the White Widow. This particular strain is famous in the Dutch coffee shops throughout Amsterdam and with good reason. One of the classic cannabis strains, White Widow is an easy grow and high yield.

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Marijuana Seeds SA

Marijuana Seeds SA has been hard at work to create the perfect platform for customers looking to buy seeds online, which has seriously paid off. They have created a company focused on quality and great customer service ready to help you with your purchases.

They work in tandem with the famous Dutch Nirvana seed bank allowing them access to a wide variety of strains and seeds high in quality. If you’d like to support a local business and grow enthusiasts why not give Marijuana Seeds SA a look, you’re sure to have a fantastic experience.

Our favorite strain from Cannabis Seeds SA is the Nebula. This high CBD and feminized strain has a lovely honey aftertaste with a sweet aroma. 

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Last Thoughts On Cannabis Seeds In South Africa

Armed with the knowledge of some of the best stores to make online purchases at and the different types of seeds you should be ready to rock. The climate of South Africa as well as the nutrient-rich soil makes for the perfect environment to cultivate your very own cannabis. If you’re growing weed indoors, you’re going to need the right equipment – including some of the best LED lights for growing cannabis

Be sure to explore the stores and what they have to offer. With the research provided in this article, you should be able to make a happy and informed purchase. Be sure to give those green thumbs some practice and get to growing some trees.


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