Bongs for Sale in South Africa | Affordable Acrylic, Glass & Locally Made

There are many reasons to celebrate your freedom with the purchase of a new bong! Bongs have been for sale in South Africa for many years. But only recently have South African courts decriminalized private consumption of cannabis, resulting in a booming bong supply.

Unfortunately, finding weed for sale in South Africa is not a legal activity. But tokers are active in proposing legal trade within private dagga clubs. SA shelves do stock CBD products which are medicinal but by law have minimised THC content.

Buy your new bong and take things into your own hands. A luxury bong is often safer by design and delivers a more comfortable smoke.

Decide between affordable acrylic, gorgeous glass or long lasting local designs. Read on for the best bongs for sale in South Africa.

Bongs from South Africa | Supporting Local Business

We recommend supporting local businesses by buying a bong made in South Africa. Bongalong creates ceramic and glass bongs worth talking about. The Buddy Bong is on Marijuana SA for R420. The design has an elongated base for stability. It holds 50 ml of water and the entire bong can be frozen for a ‘cool’ summer smoke.

The Buddy Long Bong is longer and even smoother for R550 and measures 29 cm in length. This Bongalong option allows water in the bowl to circulate away from the neck for a clean drag. Ceramic bongs are beautiful, hard, and corrosion resistant but do require more care when transporting.

Check Marijuana SA’s Bong Prices

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Best Bong for Sale in South Africa

Whether you are buying an acrylic, glass or ceramic bong, consider choosing one with a thick tube, sturdy base and standard size down tube (All our recommendations are 14mm). Entry level and budget bongs are often thinner leading to a shorter product life.

While we should always take care when smoking a bong the longevity usually comes down to the design and materials used. While bong cleaner makes light of the work of the sticky resin a simple design is always the easiest to clean.

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Glass Bongs for Sale South Africa

A glass bong sets a high benchmark in a cannabis connoisseurs arsenal of bongs, bubblers, and pipes. The budget glass bong offered by The High Co. for R295 is 25cm tall. It is made to last with thick glass and a ribbed neck. It has a glass pull-out stem and comes packed in a padded case.

This is a simple design with a round bowl and a circular base. The stem requires a bowl/pipe screen to prevent the dry herb from falling down the pipe. We recommend trying a glass pipe screen for a more sustainable solution.

Glass Bongs made in South Africa

Dagga Bongs provide high quality glass bongs made in South Africa. The simply designed ‘Vark Skyf’ costs R630 and provides a clean hit for a small size bong. The name translates from Afrikaans into english as ‘Pig smoke’. As the name suggests, this bong provides a strong hit!

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The ‘Dagga Dragon Percolator’ has a percolator in the center of the bongs chamber. Percolators allow air to be filtered and will deliver a bigger hit with the tube measuring in at 42 cm in height. The glass bong features a dragon embossed on the surface of the chamber. The single percolator helps filter and cool the travelling smoke before it rises up the top tube.

The ‘Dagga Triple Matrix’ glass bong is similar in price and delivers one of the smoothest and cleanest smoking experiences at 46 cm in height. The smoke travels through three percolator chambers allowing it to be filtered and cooled before travelling into your lungs. Spend the extra money knowing you are buying one of the best looking bongs on the South African Market!

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Online Weed Shop South Africa

Unfortunately you cannot legally buy weed online in South Africa. Although private consumption is not illegal the cannabis you consume should be from your own cultivation. We recommend visiting one of the headshops listed below to conveniently buy bongs, bubblers, pipes, papers, seeds and growing equipment.

The High Co

An online headshop offering glass bongs, quartz dab rigs, rolling papers and a discreet service. A trusted courier service delivers your new bong to your doorstep from 2 – 4 working days for major cities in South Africa. Trust The High Co. with your next purchase.

Marijuana SA

An online weed shop which stocks bongs, growing equipment, and seeds. Marijuana SA has an incredible catalogue of products for growing cannabis. Let your imagination run wild through the list of strains on offer in the seed bank.

Smokey Eyes

Offering a speedy service this online headshop stocks some of the best bongs on the market. You can trust the parcel will arrive safely via the courier to your doorstep (All items are insured for breakage during transit). Located in Durbanville in Cape Town, Smokey Eyes are happy to help you with any questions.

Final Thoughts on Bongs for Sale in South Africa

Finding a new bong to suit you and your smoking preferences is easy with access to online headshops in South Africa. Balancing the price, size and quality of the materials used will help you to choose a perfect smoking partner. Choosing a locally made bong helps to support South African businesses directly with real results.

Whether you choose the ‘Bongalong long’ bong or the ‘Dagga Triple Matrix’ bong you can feel confident knowing that you are getting the highest-grade product. A bong designed with passion and made to last.

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