50 Benefits of Dagga – The Pros of Marijuana

Is weed good for you? It’s been a question that has been at the top of everyone’s mind for the past few years. Recently courts have been reevaluating the laws that have made dagga illegal for decades and it’s all because of the benefits that come with it.

Recent laws have been introduced for the use of cannabis and it’s legal to own certain amounts of THC in its raw plant form. So making THC oil is technically legal as well. Below we will cover 50 weed benefits.

Medical Benefits of Weed

Dagga has medical properties but research is always ongoing. But recent research has been successful on how it may help people medically. Here are the medical benefits.

  1. Weight Loss – It’s not something that is set in stone but marijuana affects your BMI (Body Mass Index) and if you are an avid user it may lower your BMI.
  2. It May Affect Diabetes – Based on secondary benefits of cannabis, such as stabilizing blood sugar, the effects can assist people with diabetes.
  3. Endometriosis – Research found that the CBD in the plant can stop the spread of harmful endometriosis tissue.
  4. Anxiety – The soothing nature that comes with using marijuana can put you at ease if you experience an anxiety attack.
  5. Alzheimers – Not yet fully proven but research is ongoing that it can slow down the development of Alzheimer’s.
  6. Multiple Sclerosis – Another health benefit of cannabis is that it can help soothe the pain and it may reduce the number of prescription drugs needed for the disease.

Marijuana on a scale

  1. Muscle Spasm – Using marijuana can lower the number of spasms a person with stiff cramping muscles can get.
  2. Cancer – One of the biggest medical marijuana benefits is that weed with high amounts of CBD or pure CBD isolate, can fight against cancer cells.
  3. Your Brain – Some studies showed that weed has a beneficial neurological effect on consumers.
  4. Pets – CBD specifically is being used to help keep pets healthy that suffer from any pain or depression.
  5. Dreams – CBD and THC benefit your overall REM sleep. This is when most of your dreams occur while sleeping.
  6. Energy Levels – Using cannabis can give you a jump start and fill you up with energy. However, it depends on the strain.
  7. Sleep – Some strains of weed can help you fight insomnia and better your sleep.
  8. Autism – The CBD in cannabis helps regulate mood, which is helpful for anyone that has social and cognitive struggles.
  9. DepressionResearch suggests that people with depression suffer from a lack of endocannabinoid levels which is present in dagga.
  10. Covid 19 – Not something that is completely set in stone, as it’s being thoroughly researched currently. But it may protect you from the new virus.
  11. Seizures – Cannabis benefits seizures and has been used by both adults and children in recent years.
  12. Broken Bones – There have been studies that say one of the benefits of weed is to help the healing process of broken bones.
  13. ADHD – One of the many benefits of medical marijuana is that it helps ease the symptoms of ADHD.
  14. Addiction – The plant has the ability to soothe the withdrawal syndrome of addictive substance abusers.
  15. Glaucoma – Dagga seems to reduce intraocular pressure, which is a big contributor to this disease.
  16. Eating Disorder – One of the benefits of smoking weed is that it can assist in regulating an appetite for anyone who has issues with imbalanced eating.

A hemp plant getting cut

  1. Arthritis – The CBD part of the plant can have a positive effect on patients with arthritis. Although research has only been used on animals thus far, studies are ongoing on its effects on human arthritis.
  2. PTSD – The soothing calm that you receive from smoking or ingesting marijuana can be an effective treatment for the disorder.
  3. Metabolism – Using the plant helps you regulate your metabolism.
  4. Medication Side-effects – While it cannot cure all illnesses, it has been used regularly to treat any side effects caused by medication for AIDS/HIV.
  5. Nausea – There have been statements made that using cannabis can stop nausea.
  6. Speech Problems – Using cannabis can help treat and soothe any spasms or twitches that occur while stuttering.
  7. Skin – The benefits of weed-based oils and ointments can soothe some skin conditions.
  8. OCD – The soothing properties of the plant can reserve OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) symptoms.
  9. Headaches – Using marijuana can significantly ease the pain caused by headaches and migraines
  10. Acne – Using cannabis-infused oils on your skin may help treat your acne.
  11. Chemotherapy – Although a cancer-based process, the side effects, such as nausea, can be treated by using medical marijuana.
  12. THC is Antibacterial – THC can protect itself from pathogens and can have the same effect on humans and animals. Making it an effective bacteria-resistant.
  13. Aphrodisiac – Weed has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries and may be a natural solution for using pills.
  14. Blood Pressure – The soothing characteristic that weed has, lowers your blood pressure.
  15. Panic Attacks – Using marijuana can make you feel a lot more relaxed, depending on the strain.
  16. Food Source – In the past, hemp has been used as a valuable protein source.
  17. Digestion – Most digestive issues are caused by inflammation, while weed has anti-inflammatory properties.
  18. Work – As weed helps with stress and anxiety, it could better your work focus.
  19. Creativity – Weed has long been considered to have a positive effect on creativity.

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Environmental and City Based Benefits of Marijuanas

Although not a lot, the growth of more marijuana farms has a big benefit on the environment and in cities.

  1. Climate – With the increase of farms, experts have said that it will reduce CO2 emissions.
  2. Safer Roads – In some states in the USA, there has been a drop in alcohol sales after the legalization of marijuana. Which in return resulted in a drop in traffic deaths.
  3. Crime – Crimes for possession will be a lot lower with it being semi-legal.

Marijuana buds on a tray

Business Benefits of Cannabis

Other than the health benefits of marijuana, it has been productive for the business world as well.

  1. Investments – With laws becoming less and less harsh and the industry booming, now might be a great time to invest in it.
  2. Jobs – The growth of the industry has created tons of jobs in areas allowing it to be sold.
  3. The Government – TAX is added onto the sale of marijuana which is a market that never previously added to the Government’s income.
  4. Records – With laws turning a new leaf, people will lose their records slowly but surely.
  5. New Industries – Already there have been tons of CBD-based products and more will soon follow, creating new markets.
  6. Law Enforcement Costs – In Colorado, there has been a drop off in their tax rate since they aren’t spending money on cannabis arrests since 2012.

Final Thoughts on the Benefits of Marijuana

It has come to a point where people can’t ignore the many businesses, environmental, and heath benefits of wedd. It also is becoming an easier topic to speak about. And if dagga interests you, why not grow your own to start your medical journey from scratch.

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